Psypoke - View topic - Holiday Season Jeopardy: Wrap-up posted (2024)

After figuring out how directly proportional script errors are to Jeopardy when I actually check for errors, I finally got a good Jeopardy in. Luckily people could deal with a couple extra breaks, and I promise it will never happen again. :O

Final scores:

First: Krisp 12000
Second (first non-staff): Gardevoir~ 4800
Third (second non-staff): Sparrow 1200
Third non-staff: Serpentsounds 1000
Sneaky_Sneasel 1
Frost 0
TonberryKing -1
tennis8668 -2400
undertaker -2600
dunsparce -5400
Munchlax911 -16400

Worst answers:

tiger10x FRLG 400 * Bond Bridge is located on this island. (bonus for island name)
<Munchlax911> what is cerulean?

* tiger10x Psypoke 2000 * nfield's stasbot derives its name from this person. (must be correct format)
<Munchlax911> who is Nick feild



RBY 200 * This city is located east of Celadon.
Where is Saffron?

RBY 400 * This attack is first alphabetically.
What is Absorb?

RBY 600 * An Escape Rope can first be bought from this city.
Where is Pewter?

RBY 800 * Blizzard has this percent accuracy.
What is 90?

Daily Double RBY * TM10 contains this move.
What is Double-Edge?

GSC 200 * This is the new evolution stone that was not in RBY.
What is the Sun Stone?

GSC 400 * These are the only two types absent from gyms.
What are Ground and Dark?

GSC 600 Monica will give you this item.
What is the Sharp Beak?

GSC 800 * The lucky number show changes its number on this day.
What is Friday?

GSC 1000 * These two hold items both boost Normal-type attacks.
Where are Pink Bow and Polkadot Bow?

RSE 200 * This Pokemon can be received in an Egg in Lavaridge.
What is Wynaut?

RSE 400 * "The cheerfully electrifying man!"
Who is Wattson?

RSE 600 * In Slateport, this person sells EV-raising "vitamins."
Who is the Energy Guru?

RSE 800 * In Emerald, this cave can be found on route 103.
What/where is Altering Cave?

RSE 1000 * This is the name of the bike-only pathway.
What is the Seaside Cycling Road?

FRLG 200 * This move tutor can be found on Seven Island.
What is Swords Dance?

FRLG 400 * Bond Bridge is located on this island. (bonus for island name)
Where is Three/Kin Island?

FRLG 600 * TM13 contains this move.
What is Ice Beam?

Daily Triple FRLG * This item stores Berry Powder from crushing.
What is a Powder Jar?

FRLG 1000 * This is the most commonly found item on trainers by using Thief.
What is Black Belt?

DP 200 * The itemfinder is this number Poketch app.
What is 7?

DP 400 * Rock Slide is this number TM.
What is 80?

Daily Double DP * This is the name of your watering can for berries.
What is the Sprayduck?

DP 800 * The Ice Rock is located on this route.
Where is Route 217?

DP 1000 * This Pokemon can be found by using the PokeRadar at Valley Windworks.
What is Mareep?

Dex 200 * "It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away. However, it gets pulled around instead."
What is Drifloon?

Dex 400 * "Implements shaped like it were discovered in ancient tombs. It is unknown if they are related."
What is Bronzor?

Dex 600 * "It carries a round, egg-shaped rock in its belly pouch and gives the rock to its friends."
What is Happiny?

Dex 800 * Doduo evolves at this level.
What is 31?

Dex 1000 * "Water makes up 80% of its body. This Pokemon is easily affected by its environment."
What is Manaphy?


Tech 400 * This Arceus Plate boosts the power of Grass-type moves.
What is Meadow?

Daily Double Tech * An Escape Rope sells for this much.
What is 275?

Tech 1200 * Grasswhistle has this percent accuracy.
What is 55?

Tech 1600 * Natural Gift has a max BP of this. (bonus for including min)
What is 80? (and 60)

Tech 2000 * This is the only not fully-evolved Pokemon capable of learning Hammer Arm by level up.
What is Rhydon?

Psypoke 400 * According to stasbot, this person has said the most lines in #psypoke.
Who is Frost?

Psypoke 800 * This is the new name for the suggestion/error report forum.
What is Eterna Forest?

Psypoke 1200 * This project became the newest addition to the Psydex for Christmas.
What is the SideDex?

Psypoke 1600 * Krisp wants you to read something about this right now.
What is signature height?

Psypoke 2000 * nfield's stasbot derives its name from this person. (must be correct format)
what is stas

Places 400 * "_ Island: Where Time Goes" (bonus for island name and number)
Where is Chrono/Five Island?

Places 800 * This route surrounds Eterna Forest.
Where is Route 205?

Places 1200 * In Emerald, Trainer Tower can be located above this city.
Trainer Tower does not exist in Emerald? (It's Trainer Hill)

Places 1600 * This tall structure can be found between Solaceon and Hearthome.
Where is Lost Tower?

Places 2000 * The Trainer's School in Sinnoh is located in this city.
Where is Jubilife?

Crossword 400 * The snow-covered city in Sinnoh. (9)
Where is Snowpoint?

Crossword 800 * The ability that increases Speed after a flinch. (9)
What is Steadfast?

Daily Triple Crossword * The berry derived from a peach. (6)
What is Pecha?

Crossword 1600 * This is the Fire-type starter from Hoenn. (7)
What is Torchic?

Crossword 2000 * The name of the Sevii island Deoxys can be found on. (5)
What is Birth?

Tiger 400 * When Tiger first got Sapphire, he chose this Pokemon as his starter.
What is Mudkip?

Tiger 800 * Tiger is currently cited for this many lines in #psypoke by stasbot.
What are 3 lines? (then 8, then 16)

Tiger 1200 * This is Tiger's favorite sport.
What is baseball?

Daily Double Tiger * Tiger lives in this state.
Where is Maine?

Tiger 2000 * This is what Tiger hates the most about snow.
What is shoveling?

Stupid 400 * PKMN is occasionally used as an abbreviation for this word.
What is Pokemon?

Stupid 800 * This is the answer to 10 + 144 * 0 - 10.
What is 0/zero?

Stupid 1200 * This is the category name. (bonus for amount)
What is stupid?

Stupid 1600 * A kilometer is this many meters.
What is 1000?

Stupid 2000 * "Buzz" is the sound that this small, honey-making insect makes.
What is a bee?

Final Jeopardy
Final Clue * Pokemon Math: Sell value of Escape Rope / Accuracy of Grasswhistle + Max IV number - Pikachu's National Dex number + 1 = this Pokemon's National Dex number.
What is Butterfree?

I don't know when I'll do another one, but maybe or hopefully soon. I will also get to giving out that huge amount of Psybucks by tomorrow or something.

Psypoke - View topic - Holiday Season Jeopardy: Wrap-up posted (2024)
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