Flying Fox Tavern Menu (2024)

1. DINNER - Flying Fox Tavern

  • DINNER · SANDWICHES · Pickle Brine, Slaw, Cashew Cream, Vegan Bun FISH SANDWICH $16 · Tempura Fried Hake, Slaw, Spicy Aioli, Brioche 8 OZ. BURGER $17. Carmelized ...


2. Flying Fox Tavern: HOME

  • Dinner · Brunch · Events

  • 678 Woodward Ave Ridgewood Queens, NY  

3. The Flying Fox Tavern - Queens, NY Restaurant | Menu + Delivery

  • Mains · Shepherd's Pie · $22.00 · Brick Chicken · $24.00 · Haggis · $20.00 · Grilled Market Salad · $15.00. Steak ...

  • Prepare your taste buds...

4. BRUNCH - Flying Fox Tavern

  • SANDWICHES · FRIED TOFU SANDWICH $16 · LINDEN HILL BURGER $18. Colorado Green Chili, Goat Cheese, Garlic Aioli.


5. The Flying Fox Tavern Delivery Menu | 678 Woodward Ave Queens

  • Sandwiches · Fried Tofu Sandwich. Pickle brined, lightly battered tofu, slaw, spicy cashew cream. · Fish Sandwich. Tempura-fried hake, slaw, spicy aioli, ...

  • Prepare your taste buds...

6. the Flying Fox Tavern - Uber Eats

7. EVENTS - Flying Fox Tavern

  • 678 Woodward Ave Ridgewood Queens, NY · Tuesday – Thursday 5:00PM – 12:00AM · Friday/ · Sunday 5:00PM – 11:00PM · Kitchen open Tues-Sat to 11PM, Sun to 10PM · BRUNCH ...

  • 678 Woodward Ave Ridgewood Queens, NY  

8. Spotlight On The Flying Fox Tavern - The Knight News

  • Oct 17, 2023 · ... menu, classic horror films flicker on one of the walls. The Flying Fox has both a brunch and a dinner menu. The food does not disappoint.

  • On the quiet corner of Woodward Ave stands a very unique business. The outside white brick interior looks inviting. Inside, you’re transported into a dimly lit space where good food, drinks and a love of the macabre create a spooky combination. We’re talking about The Flying Fox Tavern, located in the heart of Ridgewood, Queens.  Stepping inside, you glance at the gothic style wallpaper, the dark wood exterior, and classic horror decor. It has a mysterious, yet friendly ambiance, eager to welcome all walks of life. Whether you’re into the goth, punk or metal subcultures, a dedicated horror fan, or…

9. the Flying Fox Tavern Menu New York - Postmates

  • the Flying Fox Tavern · Featured items. Fried Tofu Sandwich. #1 most liked. Fried Tofu Sandwich · Starters. Fried Artichokes. $8.00 · Mains. Grilled Market ...

  • From any restaurant in New York • From tacos to Titos, textbooks to MacBooks, Postmates is the app that delivers - anything from anywhere, in minutes.

10. The Flying Fox: HOME

  • Missing: tavern | Show results with:tavern


11. A la carte menu at Ego at The Flying Fox, Woburn

  • Our A la carte menu at Ego at The Flying Fox, Woburn boasts a mixture of the best cuisine from across the Mediterranean including French, Spanish, Italian, ...

  • Our A la carte menu at Ego at The Flying Fox, Woburn boasts a mixture of the best cuisine from across the Mediterranean including French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Moroccan classics. Book your table online today at The Flying Fox.

12. Flying Fox Tavern is a restaurant and bar in Ridgewood, Queens - TimeOut

  • Jul 18, 2022 · Flying Fox Tavern opened earlier this year with a full menu and cinematic horror themes in Queens. Stylish neon bats hang around geometric ...

  • Flying Fox Tavern is cinematically horror-themed, with scary movie posters and haunting decor in the restaurant and bar

13. The Laughing Fox Tavern | Bar, Restaurant, Live Music | 510 South ...

  • This 16,000 square foot destination offers private party rooms, an exclusive wine bar, a rotating craft beer menu, state of the art brick oven and features ...

  • The Laughing Fox Tavern is a restaurant and bar in Magnolia, New Jersey. Open for takeout & delivery daily. Live Music & Special Events.

14. The Flying Fox Tavern Opens, At Last - Bushwick Daily

  • Feb 4, 2022 · Flying Fox's menu boasts a range of hearty options. (Image courtesy of Flying Fox Tavern's Instagram). While the Flying Fox may still be ...

  • Ridgewood’s newest bar is a classic horror-themed tavern.

15. The Flying Fox Tavern in New York City - Restaurant menu and reviews

  • Apr 23, 2024 · Flying Fox Tavern offers its visitors to try Vegetarian cuisine. A number of guests point out that you can have nicely cooked haggis, grilled ...

  • I recommend you to visit the restaurant The Flying Fox Tavern. Find more about this place with Restaurant Guru App.

16. Online Menu of the Flying Fox Tavern Restaurant, Queens, New ... - Zmenu

  • Menu is subject to change without notice. Update Menu. More Information. The Flying Fox Tavern is a bar and restaurant located at 678 Woodward Ave in Ridgewood, ...

  • View the online menu of the Flying Fox Tavern and other restaurants in Queens, New York.

17. The Flying Fox - Vintage Inns

  • THIS RESTAURANT IS NOW CLOSED. We have now closed our doors as a Vintage Inns pub to make way for something new & exciting. You can find your nearest Vintage ...

  • We have now closed our doors as a Vintage Inns pub to make way for something new & exciting. You can find your nearest Vintage Inns by using our Find a pub page.

18. Amazing horror-themed Flying Fox Tavern opens in Ridgewood

  • Mar 13, 2022 · Photojournalist, food writer, preschool receptionist. Love NYC. Read more. Gothamist is funded by sponsors and member donations ...

  • The menu of classic pub dishes also features lots of vegan options.

19. Horror-themed pub the Flying Fox Tavern opens for business in Queens

  • Sep 22, 2022 · Tracy Bradbury, owner, and Chad Johnson, chef and owner of The Flying Fox Tavern, created a menu inspired by British pubs, with scary ...

  • A horror-themed bar and restaurant, The Flying Fox Tavern, is providing family-friendly fright in Ridgewood, Queens. 

20. Flying Fox, a New Horror-Themed Tavern, to Open in Ridgewood

  • Oct 27, 2021 · ” The tavern is also expected to have vegan menu items along with some traditional menu items, such as burgers and other “hearty, full entrees.

  • Flying Fox Tavern is planning to open in the near future and bring guests a classic horror aesthetic with a rock n’ roll twist.

21. Menu at The Flying Fox pub & bar, Leighton Buzzard - Restaurant Guru

  • The actual menu of the The Flying Fox pub & bar. Prices and visitors' opinions on dishes.

Flying Fox Tavern Menu (2024)
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