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5 THE PLAIN DEALER, TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 1971 'Fiddler on the Roof' Opens Merrill a Superb Tevye at Musicarnival By Peter Bellamy Musicarnival opened its 18th season last night with a charming and richly rewarding production of "Fiddler on the Roof," which shortly will become the longest-running musical in history. The role of Tevye, the Russian Jewish dairyman plagued by pogroms, poverty and the difficulty of marrying off five daughters, is happily played and sung by Robert Merrill, the opera, film, television and radio star. It's doubtful if anybody could do it better. THIS SOARING: baritone voice is perfectly controlled. His words are distinctly heard even when his back is turned.

Moreover, he handles the righ comic qualities of Tevye with skill. His performance was loudly applauded by the capacity audience many times. The reasons for the longevity and popularity of music "Fiddler on the Roof" are many. It is, of course, based on the short stories of Sholem Aleichem, the famed Russian Jewish humorist and writer. Joseph Stein adapted it to the stage with a sharp eye for traditions of the Jews of Czarist Russia at the turn of the century.

Sheldon flarnick's lyrics are perfectly integrated to the mood and intent of the story. Jerry Bock's melodious score includes such hits as the amusing "If I Were a Rich Man" and the lovely, haunting "Sunrise, Sunset." THE STORY line brings out the stuff of which life is made heart, hope, tenderness, joy and humor, balanced by brutality, tragedy and heartbreak. Its strain of senseless religious prejudice parallels the racial prejudices that is currently a stain on America. Through it all there is authentic flavor of hearty Jewish humor. It reaches its heights as Tevye remonstrates with God in regard to life's injustices and invents biblical quotations to lit every situation.

The story revolves around Tevye's five daughters, of whom one marries a tailor, another a a a a a a a a a radical exiled to Siberia, and a third who marries a Christian. THE GAIETY of the bottle dance and the picturesque wedding scene contrast with the cruelty of the pogrom and Tevye's remark that the daughter who has married a Christian is dead as far as he is concerned. Elaine Kussack, who has appeared in the role on Broadway and with the national company, realizes all of the humorous aspects of AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD THEATER and DRIVE-IN AVON LAKE Stop 65 W. 933-3155 Lake Rd. Showtime 7:10 -Feat.

7:45 9:45 P.M. Jacqueline Bisset-Alan Alda "THE MEPHISTO WALTZ" (R) Under 17 not admitted without parent Wed. 'THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES' (GP) BEACH CLIFF 331-1600 19290 Detroit Park Rd. Free Cooled to Comfort Doors Open 1:30 James -Eva Marie Saint "GRAND PRIX" Starts it DR.

PHIBES" Color once at P.M. Berea, 0. 234-4300 BEREA Free Paved Parking Held Over! Held Over! Cooled by Refrigeration 2 Academy Award Hits 2 George C. Scott as "PATTON" Shown at 9:00 (GP) Elliott Gould in "M-A-S-H" Shown at 7:00 (R) Wed. 'WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH HELENT' CEDAR-LEE 2163 Park Lee Free Rd.

After 6 321-8232 p.m. A DIABOLICAL SPELLBINDER TO RIVAL "ROSEMARY'S BABY'! "THE MEPHISTO WALTZ" In Color Starring Alan Alda -Jacqueline Bisset Feature 7:40 9:40 (R) Adult Entertainment WED. DEBBIE REYNOLDS, SHELLY WINTERS "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH HELEN?" CENTER- MAYFIELD EV 7313 Walter Elaine Matthau May "A NEW LEAF" In Color: 7:30 9:40 (G) COMMODORE Fri. Sat. Sam.

MEPHISTO WALTZ' DEVIL'S BRIDE' 13931 Euclid CONTINENTAL 451-8147 An inferno of love Where nothing is forbidden! "BEYOND LOVE AND EVIL" (X) In Color at 7130 and $:15 16407 Detroit DETROIT 521-2245 Hurry, positively ends tonite! Be there people with love! 'WOODSTOCK' In Color! Shown once 8:00 (R) Under 17 with porent "SONG OF NORWAY" 621-0609 EMBASSY 701 Euclid Ave. Cooled by Refrigeration James -Karl Malden "CAT O'NINE TAILS" Color (GP) Jin Brown "EL CONDOR" Color (R) Wed. MAN CALLED Also "CASTLE KEEP' Dustin FAIRVIEW Hoffman-Chief Paved Dan 217 George Parking 331-4122 "LITTLE BIG MAN" In Color At 1:00 9:25 (GP) Chagrin Falls conditioned for comfort 247-7461 FALLS Air Walt Disney Presents- Jules Verne's "20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA" (G) Box Office Open 6:30. Fecture at FOX CEDAR CENTER Matinee 13761 Cedar at Warrensville 301-2300 A National Generol Theatre Kristoffer Tabori- -Bob Balaban "MAKING IT" (R) At P.M. Anouk Aimee--Michael York "JUSTINE" (R) At 3:45 7:30 P.M.

Starts Wad. OF NORWAY' GREAT LAKES MALL Great Lakes Mall Shopping Center Routes or Mentor, Ohio 951-3500 Parking for 3,000 Cors Open 6:45 Showtime 7:15 P.M. Kirk Douglas--Johnny Cash Black-Raf Vallone "A GUNFIGHT" Color At 7:35 and 9:35 P.M. (GP All Ages Admitted Starts Fri. RILLINGTON PLACE' HOMESTEAD 11806 726-7300 Detroit Open 6:30 Show 1:00 Destin Hoffman Balsam "LITTLE BIG MAN" Color.

7:00 9:20 (GP) LAKE E. 726-Lake 731-1700 Shore Blvd. Healthfully air -conditioned Open 6:45 Show 7:15 Dustin Hoffman Faye Dunaway "LITTLE BIG MAN" (GP) All ages Parental guidance In Color, 7:15 9:40 823 E. 185 531-5572 LA SALLE Free Parking Mite North of Freeway Use E. 185th SI.

Exit Last times tonite Realistic Films for Adults "THE MINX" Shown, 7:00 9:45 "THE FEMALE" Shown, once at $:30 Rated under 18 not admitted Starts Wed. "JOE" Richmond Mall LOEWS EAST 449-4321 CASH KIRK DOUGLAS-JOHNNY A GUNFIGHT" (GP) SHOWTIMES 7:45 and $:30 L.OEWS STILLWELL, Bedford 232-4240 A (GP) SHOWTIMES 7:45 and 9:30 20075 Center Ridge LOEWS WEST Rocky River 333-5432 'A GUNFIGHT" (GP) SHOWTIMES 7:45 and 9:30 Park Free LOEWS YORKTOWN 461-4330 Peori-Brookpark Rd. "A (GP) SHOWTIMES 7:45 and 9:30 LYCEUM Friday Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Campaigns for FBI L.A. Post Service WASHINGTON-Actor Err'em Zimbalist a Washington publicist and a Chicago lawyer have launched a nationwide fund-soliciting campaign for an "educational" program to support the FBI and its embattled director.

J. Edgar Hoover. Zimbalist, Inspector Erskine of TV's "The FEI." recently wrote a letter of solicitation that was mailed to 50.000 persons. It sought contributions to "friends of the FBI 3 project of the Commission for International Due Process of Law." Lee Edwards, 39, long active in right-wing causes. and Luis Kutner, 63, chairman and founder of the commission, conceived the project.

Candidate for Governor AUSTIN, Tex. (P -Democratic Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes. 33, announced yesterday he would run for governor of Texas in 1972.

Town's Crier JIM GROGAN. 57, steps onto a Provincetown, street clad in Pilgrim attire to try, out his new job as town crier. Wirephoto Hechler Charges Hanky-Panky: in Mine Safety Ad Campaign By Lee Byrd WASHINGTON (P) U.S. Rep. Ken Hechler.

D-W. yesterday attacked as "cruel, heartless, arrogant and stupid" a publicity campaign by the Bureau of Mines which he said attempts to put the blame for accidents on miners themselves. Under a proposal developed by Harry W. Treleaven a former publicity man for President Nixon, the bureau will spend $250.000 to $500,000 on mine safety advertising that "smells to high heaven." Ilechler said. "It's an unholy mixture of politics.

propaganda and pablum." HECHLER said Treleaven developed his ad scheme while serving as a $121-a- day consultant to the Interior Department from Feb. 18 to May 17. He said the Interior Department had planned to award the advertising contract without bids but ordered competitive bids solicited last Thursday after publicity broke on the ad campaign. low ever. he said.

the deadline for bids was set for 3:30 p.m. tomorrow. Ilechler said this lack of time 10 develop competing bids gave Treleaven's agency in New York "the kind of advantage which would impel a gambler 1 to suggest the dice are loaded." "MINERS don't need to be told to be careful," lechler said. "They have enough initiative to protect their lives. This campaign is an insult to their intelligence." llechler said a recent report by the General Accounting Office and others indicated "at least 7556" of all mining accidents are the fault of mine owners and operators.

Hechler said Treleaven had been asked to advise the Interior Department how to improve its image "and all he could come up with was an advertising gimmick which would also result in a fat contract for his own advertising firm of Allison, Treleaven Reitz, and the Nashville, advertising agency of "WHEN YOU TRACE the Treleaven proposal." Hechler said, "the footprints go directly to the office of Edward D. Failor." Failor is the staff associate of the director of the Bureau of Mines. Failor's "major experience." said lechler, "was in the area of fund-raising for the Iowa Republican party." Hechler also noted that James Allison, a Treleaven partner. had been a Nixon campaigner and the Holder-Kennedy firm in Nashville had played a role in the media campaign against former U.S. Sen.

Albert Gore, D- last year. Hechler's comments were aired at a news conference and later on the House floor. FATHER'S DAY $1.00 SALE Pay Taxes Urged for Counties COLUMBUS (P) Wbcd State Rep. Robert E. Net.

zley, R-7, Laura. came 16 the Ohio Legislature 11. years ago he made a pledge to himself to stay away from tax bills. Now he is in the middle of a fight over taxes. lle favors a mandatory county personal income tax, with money remaining in the county of collection.

Netzley. a Republican, said the change in views did not come without serious thought. "After a few years down here I saw we couldn't remain an island on income lax. IN 1967, Vetzley introduced the first county tax bill. The concept.

something he will not easily give up. even though many of his fellow Republicans now lean toward a state income tax. pass a tax bill in hurried-up manner is illogi-: cal and irresponsible." said: the 48-year-old. "That money has to stay in: the county. You can't com-; promise that." TE Netzley is the leader of group of Republicans oppos-: ing a GOP proposal offered; 4 by House Speaker F.

Kurfess, R-4. burg, that calls for a state-: collected tax. WITH SEVEN, hard-core supporters and 10 other fol-: lowers, the Netzley group: 1 has forced an impasse on: any tax bill. Kurfess needs 50 votes to get his latest proposal: through a floor vote. The GOP holds a 54-45 edge in the House.

making Netzley's: support a must. if 'Kurfess must move without Demo-: cratic help. "As far as I'm. concerned," explains Netzley, "this is the most important piece of legislation that any- body here will ever vote on. It's something that will last 35 to 50 years." "THE PEOPLE must have control over said Netzley.

"You give them control by putting tire tax on the local city income tax is a good example." SALE Opener we'll give Mom a transmitter for $1.00 AUTOMATIC GARAGE DOOR OPENER SYSTEM VALLIANCE COMPARE MODEL GS-401 $14944 H. P. rated. Screw drive. Regularly $159.953 $16449 ALLIANCE GENIE MODEL GS-450 Superb styling.

H. P. rated. Screw drive. Reg.

$189.95:: a good way 044 to get when it's unsafe MODEL GS-200 to get out! H. P. rated. Chain drive. Discover why features Reg.

$129.95 Surrended special sale price plus modest instaliation optional, a like these have 2 La Superb styling Thoroughly tested and made the world's Worm screw drive listed fastest selling garage door Built-in time delay Solid state radio controls. Certified opener systems. Sensitive safety device to comply with F.C. C. regulations Opens the turns on the closes the up.

tight! Anderson Door Co. Genie of Fairview Park Tri-County Door Co. Stepanik Door Sales, 19106 Miles Ave. 20691 Lorain Rd. 17500 St.

Clair Ave. '36 Park Place Cleveland, 662-0400 333-1292 or 333-0072 Clevleand, 531-2245 Bedford, 232-2717. The ALLIANCE Manufacturing Ca. Inc. OHIO 44601: Maker of the famous Antenna Alliance Tenna "TV'sBetter Color A NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS COMPANY: 3 the character of 'Tevye's somewhat shrewish wife.

Charlotte Jones is funny as the garrulous matchmaker. Renee Semes. Adrienne Bar beau. Karen Greene. Jane Ranzman and Lizanne Merrill.

the star's daughter making her stage debut in the show, sing and play the roles of Tevye's daughters with a youthful, wistful appeal. Larry Ross as the tailor, Richard Balin as the radical, Daryl Thornton as the Fiddler, Charles Mayer as the rabbi, and Mich Jason as the butcher. also contribute to the effectiveness of the production. Musicarnival lastnight opened its new permanent lounge bar, which will be augmented by two portable bars. The musical will run through June 26.

Tickets have been selling briskly. Helpful Robber MAPLETOWN Broadway- 662-2240 Libby Doors Open 6:30 "BIG DOLL HOUSE" (R) In Color at 1:00 10:10 Winters "BLOODY MAMA" (R) In Color at 0:40 Only Starts Wed. LOVE WIFE' OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE" MAYLAND 442-4600 Movlield Rd Park Free Hill David Wayne 'THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN' Shown at 7:15 and 9:30 (G) No One Admitted Last 10 Minutes MEDINA Medina, Free Paved Ohio Porking 722-6021 Cooled tor Comfort Last time tonite Jack Hawkins--Robert Morley "WHEN 8 BELLS TOLL" Shown at 7:00 8:50 MERCURY Park Pearl-W. Free 130 2.000 Cars $43-6985 The most exciting movie ever filmed! James Garner -Eva Marie Saint "GRAND PRIX" Color once at $:00 Starts tom'w "SONG OF NORWAY' Midway Mail MIDWAY CINEMA Ctr. 57 Between Elyria Lorain Just North of Turnpike Exit 8-Phones Elyria 324-5759-Lorain 233-5759 'THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN' (G) Shew 1:00.

Feat. 1:20, 9:50 Continuous Wed. from 2:00 NORTHFIELD PLAZA RI. Northtield Shopping Ctr. 467-8141 2 Greatest Hits of the Year Together for the first time "LOVERS OTHER STRANGERS" (R) 7:30 "JOE" (R) 9:30 NORTHFIELD PLAZA I RI.

8, Northfield Shop. Center 467-8141 Dustin Faye Hottman Dunaway "LITTLE BIG MAN" (GP) 6:45 9:25 PARMA Ridge at 885-4600 Snow--Park Free Heolthlully air conditioned- Open 6:45 Dustin Hoffman--Chief Dan George Faye Dunaway-Martin Balsam "LITTLE BIG MAN" Color at Rated "GP' RICHMOND 442-4121 Mayfield at Pork Richmond Free Doors Open 7:30 Show Starts 8:00 Winner of Academy Awards Including Best Picture Audrey and Rex Hepburn Harrison "MY FAIR LADY" Shown Once at 8:00 (G) RIVERSIDE. Lorain Rocky park River Free Doors Open 7:30 Show Starts 8:00 Winner of Academy Awards Including Best Picture Audrey and Rex Hepburn Harrison "MY FAIR LADY" Shown once at 8:00 (G) SEVERANCE Mayfield 291-1244 and Taylor Superbly terrifying A master of the macabre "CAT O'NINE TAILS" 7:25 9:25 (GP) STARTS TOM'W: "OR. PHISES" SHAKER 561-9000 Lee at Chagrin Park Blvd. Free Open 6:45 Show 7:15 A film of Melvin Van Peebles You bled my momma You bled my poppa But you won't bleed me "SWEET SWEETBACK" (X) No one admitted under 18 tr Coler, at 1:50 and 9:50 SHORE E.

225-Lake 731-2662 Shore Blvd. Healthfully air- conditioned Open 6:30 Show 1 P.M. Judy Brown--Roberta Collins "BIG DOLL HOUSE" In Coler 7:00 10 P.M. Shelley Winters- Pal Hingle "BLOODY MAMA" (R) Restricted to 18 yrs. and alder In Color, $:30 SOLON SQUARE Solon Ctr.

248-5454 Shopping Walt Disney's 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA' 7:10 9:35 118th VARIETY 611-7494 Deers Open 1:00 Show Starts 7:30 Karl Malden -James Franciscus in "THE CAT O'NINE TAILS" Shown once at 9:20 (GP) Jim Brown -Les Van Cleat in "EL CONDOR" Shown once at 1:40 (R) Starts Wed. "A MAN CALLED SLEDGE" Also "THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" 27079 Chogrin Blvd. at Int. East off Richmond Rd. on Chagrin Blvd.

VILLAGE 271. A31-8855-Park Free Cooled by Refrigeralion -Exclusive ShowingDoors Open 1:00 1:30 No one should miss this picture A gentle touch of genius-PD The true story -That transforms A wild forest boy Into a civilized Human being Francois Truffauts masterpiece "THE WILD CHILD" (Rated G--At 7:50 and 9:401 Starts June 23rd: "SUMMER OF 42'4 Willoughhy 942-3166 VINE Free Paved Parking Open 6:45 Show 1:15 Walt Disney Productions Presents "THE COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES" Color 1150 9:55 (G) "ALASKAN ESKIMOS" Color 1:20 9:30 (0) WILLOW independence, Brecksville 0. Rd. 526-6030 Doors Open 7:15 Shorts 7:30 Feature 8:00 Most spectacular movie ever made "TORA! TORA! TORA!" "WHAT'S MATTER WITH HELEN?" DRIVE-INS AUTO DRIVE- IN INDOOR OUTDOOR 267-6660 11395 Brookpork Run Color lames Franciscus, Karl Malden 'CAT O'NINE TAILS, GP Lester, Lional Jeffries "SUDDEN TERROR" GP Show at dusk AUT-0-RAMA OUTDOOR INDOOR 33395 Lorain Phone 327-9595 Rama at Rama "INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT" At 9:25. (Rated "COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE" At 11:10, (Rated GP).

Open P.M, CANAL RD. All- Weather Drive-In Canal Rd. of E. 49th Street 341-1551 'BIG DOLL HOUSE' (R) Also "BLOODY MAMA" (R) CHAGRIN VALLEY 543-9200 IN On RI. 422-Just East of Chagrin Falls Drive East on Miles or Solon Rds.

to 421 "DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE' PIUS "I LOVE MY WIFE" Both (R) -Under 17 must be with parent. Starting Tomorrow Entertainment for all ages "FLIGHT OF THE DOVES" Plus "YOU CAN'T WIN 'EM ALL" CLOVERLEAF DRIVE- IN Rts. U.S. 21 "CAT O'NINE TAILS" "SUDDEN TERROR" Market every Sunday EASTLAKE DRIVE- IN Vine 440 St. West of RI.

91 942-2643 Box Office 8:00 Show 1:20 "THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT" "BLOOD AND LACE" Starts To.n'w: "LOVERS AND Other STRANGERS" also "JOE" EAST SIDE DRIVE- 662- 1045 Northlield Rd. Race Track Judy Brown--Roberta Collins "BIG Shelly DOLL Winters "BLOODY MAMA" Open 8:00 Starts Dusk EUCLID AVE. OUTDOOR 29737 Euclid Ave. 943-1244 "THE BIG DOLL HOUSE" (R) "BLOODY MAMA" (R) Open $130 Show at Dusk DRIVE- IN 225-3200 of On Brunswick Rt. 42 Hurry: Positively ends tonite! Giant 3-Hil Horrama! 'INCREDIBLE 2- HEADED TRANSPLANT' "Scream Scream Again" "Count Vorga, Vampire" All 3 to features GP rated Warning! Don't come alone! MAYFIELD RD.

286-7173 DRIVE-IN On RI. 322, Just Past Rt. 306, near RI. 44 Tonite "INCREDIBLE 2 HEADED TRANSPLANT' (GP) "MASTER OF TERROR' (GP) MEMPHIS DRIVE- IN 2892 Memphis Ave. Bet.

Tiedeman W. 117 "BIG DOLL HOUSE" "BLOODY MAMA" Box office opens 8:45 Showtime 9:15 MENTOR E. of DRIVE- Cleveland IN on Rte. 20. 255-2441 Horror 7 suspense! Karl Malden- -James Franciscos "CAT O'NINE TAILS" (G) Mark Lester Lionel Jetfries "SUDDEN TERROR" MILES DRIVE- IN 19001 Miles 2 First 1 price.

Both G.P. In Chilling ColorTo keep you on the edge of your seal James Franciscus-Karl Malden "Cat O'Nine Tails" Mark Lester -Lionel Jeffries 'SUDDEN TERROR' Open $:30 Start Dusk Visit our Flea Mart every Sun. Dealers wanted -turn your wares 10 MONTROSE (Int. DRIVE-IN 71) W. 18 Akron 21 'AIRPORT' (G) "'WINNING" (GP) NORTHFIELD DRIVE- IN RI.

Miles S. Bedford 467-7258 "INCREDIBLE 2 TRANSPLANT" Also "HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS" RD. DRIVE-IN 7599 Pearl Rd. 234-5044 PEARL Just North of Route 42, Exit 1-71 Last times todav 'THE BIG DOLL HOUSE' Also Shelly Winters os "BLOODY MAMA" Both in Color and Rated 'R' Under 18 requires guardian Open Be here by 9:30 To See Both Features SKYLINE 3401 Richfield OL 9-6264 Rd. Out Brecksville Rd.

South of RI. 303 South from cate 11, Ohio No. Turns. We DaY toll from gates 9. 10 12 and 13.

use exit so (Wheatley Rd.) Make 2 Rights "PATTON" (GP) George Scott "M-A-S-H" (R) Elliott Gould- -Donald Sutherland Adults Under 12 Free YOKOSUKA. Japan masked robber burst in on a young couple at an inn, but when he found they had only about $3 he lett part of it behind. police said. 'The robber then stole $43 from the room next door, gave part of it to the young couple and fled. IN BOLD COLOR FRESH FROM WEST COAST I ADULTS ONLY The Daring VENICE PARTY I.D.

A MUST DENMARK ART 4601 LORAIN DOORS OPEN 11 A.M. EROS ART 2006 PROSPECT I DOORS OPEN 9 A.M. ADULT BROADYUE 4112. PEARF RO 661 5305 RUN ADULT COLOR THE GIRLS in ROOM 7C They held his mortgage and he paid thru the nose! Plus 2nd Bonus Sizzler: "OLE" CONTINUOUS TIA.M, TO 11 P.M. MIDNITE SHOW.


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