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Skid Steer Attachments, Grapple, Post Driver, Bucket - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (1)

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make / manufacturer: Jenkins Premier CL Fab

model name / number: Grapple Pallet Forks Brush Mower

size / dimensions: Other attachments available

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A&M Outdoor Sales is your source for Jenkins Iron & Steel Skid Steer Loader Attachments.

(417) 272-1227 or visit for more pictures, videos and descriptions.

Financing is now available! Call us or visit our website for details.

Call ahead to schedule a pick up.

Sales tax applies unless exempt. Add 3% for credit cards.

Rock & Brush GrappleThese are the most versatile grapples produced. Built to withstand the abuse of the most powerful skid steers on the market, while at the same time being an invaluable tool for smaller machines. Available in 62"-$3050, 68"-$3100, 74"-$3150, 78"-$3200 and 84" -$3250 these commercial grade grapples feature 3" spacing between each 3/8" tine with a 1" cold rolled shaft welded through the center of all the teeth, and are tied together by a 1/2" grade 50 serrated cutting edge out front making them ideal for back dragging, raking, wedging small trees and even land leveling.

Brush Grapple (Clam Shell Style) with replaceable tip excavator teeth 66"- $3200, 76" $3300, 86" $3400. With a 50" opening, 3/4" bottom tines gusseted with a 3/8" plate and 1/2" thick upper grapple gusseted by 2" by 3" 1/4" wall square tubes this is one of the strongest on the market hands down.

Dual Brush Grapple With a 50” bite powered by twin 3000 psi cylinders and fish tooth serrations on all of the hardened ¾” tines and gusseted with 3/8” hardened plate, this monster will grab and hold whatever you need. Available in 76” - $4000.00, 86” - $4300.00.

Brush Mower Direct drive free floating 1/4" thick Commercial HD deck with a 6" roller across the back and a monster 500lb stump jumper Available in 6'- $6400 and 7'- $6800 Optional push bar and wheel kits are available! Gear drive mowers also available in 5'- $5400.00, 6'- $5650.00, 7'- 6100.00

Post Driver / Concrete Breaker The PD750 Post Driver $7200.00 performs well in all conditions! The PD750C (Combo) $8000.00 has the flexibility to become a concrete breaker as well as a post driver. With additional mounting locations that allow you to move the mounting bracket to the top to allow this unit to be used as a concrete breaker. It comes with both the appropriate 8" post pad as well as a concrete chisel.

Tree & Post Puller $1850 with bolt on brush guard. With thousands working out there and none ever returned these tree pullers have withstood the most grueling tests from farmers, landscapers, commercial tree removal companies and countless individuals throughout the country. Commercial grade and indestructible!

Dominator Tree & Post Puller $4850 with bolt on brush guard. Dig, Pull, Saw & Rip! Featuring 1″ thick AR400 steel jaws with removable bolt on rippers and a 60″ opening. It also has 3/4″ thick vertical gussets and 3/4″ thick upper and lower frame plates. Twin 3.5″ cylinders producing over 33,000 pounds of force each. Hydraulic cylinder guards built from 3/8” plate protects cylinders when digging or pulling.

HD Tooth Buckets Featuring ¼" thick bucket material and 5/16" thick side plates along with a full 5" top channel and welded shank replaceable excavator teeth. These also have ½" thick by 2 ½" wide straps along the bottom of the bucket that greatly prolong bucket life and a ¾" thick bolt on cutting edge. 62" - $1700, 68" - $1800, 74" - $1900, 78" - $2000, 84" - $2100, 96" - $2200.

Smooth Dirt Buckets 1/4" bucket material and 5/16" side plates with a 3/4" reversible bolt on cutting edge. These also have ½" thick by 2 ½" wide straps along the bottom of the bucket that greatly prolong bucket life. 62" - $1550, 68" - $1600, 74" - $1650, 78" - $1700, 84" - $1750.

Pallet Forks 5500lb capacity available in 4', 5' and 6' widths and 4', 5', and 6' lengths. Starting at $1100 for 4'x4'.

Hydraulic Sliding Pallet Forks 5500lb capacity available in 4', 5' and 6' widths and 4', 5', and 6' lengths. Starting at $2150 for 4'x4'.

Tiller This commercial tiller will make short work out of all of your tilling needs. Perfect for gardens, food plots, landscaping or any other application that requires tillage this implement will handle whatever you throw at it! Featuring dual Eaton Char-Lynn hydraulic motors and 4 swing away blades per spindle our tiller will turn 6 inches of virgin soil into powder in one pass. Available in 5' - $3900, 6' - $4200, 7' - $4500.

Hydraulic Extendable Boom The Hydraulic Extendable Boom is a serious money and time saver! Built to the highest standards, this boom has an overall reach of 20'. It features a 10' retracted base section, a 6' hydraulic extendable second section and a 4' manually extendable third section. This is the perfect attachment for home builders, roofers, setting trusses, poles and a ton of other applications! $2950.

Stump Grinder Stump Grinder with hydraulic swing and depth control and a 25″ diameter cutting wheel, will shear your stumps to dust, rather than shred making it more efficient for more power. The carbide Greenteeth can be rotated 3 times before having to replace them. Featuring a Eaton Char-Lynn motor, a commercial 3/4″ thick HD disc, hydraulically adjustable vertically and horizontally and Standard flow of 14-25gpm. $5750.00.

Wood Splitter The inverted wood splitter is perfect for grabbing up to a 36” chunk, lifting it up over your pile or trailer or whatever, and splitting anything up to and including hardwood with its 5” 30-ton cylinder, nothing can stop this monster wood splitter! Featuring a 10 inch I-beam, the simple design with a single or 4-way ar400 cutting blade is reliable and strong for years of use. Single - $3250.00, 4-Way - $3350.00

Land Leveler Featuring two replaceable ½" cutting edges front and back this attachment will smooth out any rough terrain you can throw at it. Great for driveways as well! Optional hydraulic scarifying teeth for ripping also available. Starting at $1900.00.

Backhoe Constructed of a heavy duty full box frame this back hoe will dig to 6 ½ and 8 ½ feet like a breeze. With available 9", 12", 18″ and 24" buckets along with replaceable excavator teeth and a mechanical thumb, it will get all of your digging needs done! Available in 6.5ft w/ 9" bucket & thumb - $2650.00, 6.5ft w/ 12" bucket & thumb - $2750, 6.5ft w/ 18" bucket & thumb - $2850, 6.5ft w/ 24" bucket & thumb - $2950.00, 8.5ft w/ 9" bucket & thumb - $2800.00, 8.5ft w/ 12" bucket & thumb - $2850, 8.5ft w/ 18" bucket & thumb - $2975, 8.5ft w/ 24" bucket & thumb - $3100.00.

Receiver Hitch Easily move those trailers around with-out starting up the truck. Works on goose necks too. $400

Bale Spears Premier Single - $850, Premier Double - $900. German Spears rated at 2697lbs at 28". Other configurations available.

Concrete Hopper Constructed out of 1/4″ material with gusseting on all of the wear points and angles. Our concrete hopper will stand up to whatever you can throw at it. Featuring a center mounted hydraulically controlled shoot with a standard removable extension, this hopper offers maximum control, visibility, and workability! $1950.

Auger Post Hole Digger Planetary gear box direct drive 2" hex starting at $2900, bits from 4" to 36".

Stump Bucket Dig out stubborn rocks and stumps easily using the power and torque of your skid steer! The Jenkins Iron and Steel Stump Bucket Grapple is a 64" long serrated tooth monster that is constructed entirely of 1/2" material and has replaceable excavator teeth. $1350.00

Stump Bucket w/ Grapple The Jenkins Iron and Steel Stump Bucket Grapple is a 64" long serrated tooth monster that is constructed entirely of 1/2" material and features a heavy duty grapple to bite and hold whatever you throw at it. This grapple makes clean up a breeze with the ability to dig and clamp this is sure to get the job done fast. Stump buckets also feature replaceable digging teeth for increased wear! $1925.00

All attachments come with a 2 year warranty (Dominator tree puller is 5 year warranty). Hoses and connectors are included.

Visit for videos, more pictures and a full list of Jenkins Iron & Steel attachments.

417-272-1227 to check availability or for questions.

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