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With a storm, it just subsided.

The guests in the living room could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, and said that the woman in the country of Z named Bella was really unusual. He used arbitrary words and deeds to slap his face, but he couldn't find any mistakes. It can be seen that he is a meticulous person.

And that Rex was even more powerful. He actually killed the grandfather at the grandfather's house without any fear, and he didn't put the grandfather in his eyes at all. It was the first time they had seen such an act.

The atmosphere in the living room is a bit more silent and stagnant than the luxury of the former paper drunk.

Everyone realizes that this feast today is not as simple as it seems.

Grand Prix Moville watched the black man in the hall for a moment and quietly wiped his sweat. He could not help sighing with a sigh of relief: "It is really teaching Rex to read the joke, only then did Miss Bella hurt her with a gun at the banquet. Now At my banquet, Miss Bella's safety was threatened. How do we offset each other? "

Anatoly's behavior made him extremely dissatisfied, but fortunately, his decision was decisive and did not enlarge the matter.

And this Miss Bella is not a good master. If one party is incompatible, she will hurt her, and even make him suffer a dumb loss.

Si Yizhang waved her hand: "After all, Bella is naughty, she was timid and soft, caring, no blood, no bullying and weak, so she was impulsive and caused such trouble, please also Grandpa Don't see strange people. "

If I apologize, I haven't seen any sincerity, it's just a false perfunctory, even a mockery.

Uncle Moville listened to how that [bullying and weak] listened and pierced: "Hehehehe, Miss Bella's skill is really eye-opening!"

Cautious and soft, who pointed at Anatoli with a gun just now? Just before Bella dodged the series of attacks behind her, she took advantage of the flexibility of her body to the utmost. If she had a miscalculation of movements, she would be injured.

Si Yiming's eyebrows were quite contented, and he smiled, "Let the granddaughter laugh, Bella just followed me to learn some small means of self-protection, and it should not be praised by the grandfather."

Grand Duke Moville smiled suddenly: "It turned out that Miss Bella was taught by Rex. It is no wonder that she is so extraordinary, but unfortunately I have never had a chance to see your good skills."

He re-evaluated Miss Bella's strength in his heart.

The smile in Si Yiming's eyes faded, and a deep pair of eyes were filled with fear and embarrassment: "The grandfather does not have to regret. Although he did not have the opportunity to see behind me, he also saw the marksmanship."

Prince Moville's heart suddenly jumped, but there was still no response. Several gunshots rang. Before, he was closest to Warm and Ya, holding the gun and pointing at the key points of Warm and Ya.

Everyone, including Wen Ya, looked at the sound of gunfire.

However, it was seen that Si Yizhang was holding the killer who represented the killing in the hand, and Yun Danfeng was blowing his muzzle lightly, as if all that had just happened was not from his own hands.

Wen Ya's eyes shrunk. This is the first time Wen Ya has seen it.

This is the person he belongs to Lucifer. He has the power and the power to kill, and is rude and direct, decisive and cruel, unbridled, as if anyone is an ant under his feet.

She wouldn't know the meaning of his move.

Amazingly cruel but passionate,

Movil looked at those deep eyes, with a bleak sense of killing. There was hidden primitive killing and fierceness. He couldn't help rubbing his temples, an opportunity to hurt his face, not only did he have to Going around, but also to knock down the teeth and blood swallows, a prestige murderer, but he also had to apologize, bow his head and be a grandson, he is the Duke of the E Country, a noble nobleman, even in his estate, At the hosted banquet, the old faces were lost because of the wrongdoing.

Si Yi looked at Grand Duke Moville lightly: "I'm sorry, I don't like anyone who threatens the life of my fiancee, and ... I don't like anyone to challenge my authority, so ... some rules are still We must stand and hope that Grand Duke will forgive me. "

Just a dozen guns were all aimed at Xinya in an instant. He seemed calm and calm, but no one knew how his heart was going through that moment.

The pistol was clasped in his sleeve, and his eyes quickly observed every person holding a gun at Xinya, analyzing who was the most threatening to Xinya, and then aimed at them, if any of them dared to act rashly, Definitely the end of the scene.

Archduke Mowell's face was not very good-looking, but he roused his spirits: "Regulations naturally need to be established. Rex is really affectionate to Miss Bella. I can naturally understand that we did not point at the Duke of Mowell's house. Rex has been merciless to his habits. "

To this day, he wants to kill the chicken and tamarin monkey by the little boy in country Z. If he is not too stupid, he will not be entangled in this matter again.

Si also said lightly: "Prince Mowell, generous!"

The Grand Prince Moville was a little bit uncomfortable. Stealing the chicken didn't feel like eating rice, but it was uncomfortable.

At this time, Si Yixian beckoned towards the Wen Xinya: "Bella, come here!"

Wen Xinya, carrying the skirt, came slowly and elegantly, and presented the nobility ceremony to the Grand Duke of Moville.

Si Yizhang took her hand, held it tightly in the palm, pulled her to his side, and protected her body within his safe zone: "The Grand Duke praises you for your skill, thank you Grand Duck!"

A wise man can speak, expressing a deep meaning in a sentence, and his Wen Xinya behavior is not in the first place, but Moville has lost her skill. Obviously, he does not investigate the previous matter. Si Yiming said this sentence, which avoided the previous one. The entanglement of the incidents also showed his attitude, which is truly unsophisticated.

Warm Yawen Qin Zhiya: "Bella just followed Rex to learn some self-protection methods, and it was difficult to go to the Grand Hall and make Grandpa laugh."

The Grand Duke Moville just wanted to kill the chicken and tamarins by that little boy, but she was destroyed by her. Instead, she let Si Yizhang preemptive. I don't know how he felt at this time?

Grand Duke Moville laughed broadly: "Miss Bella is modest, like my granddaughter Rolla, spoiled by me. She is proud and arrogant, but also arrogant."

Si Yizhen laughed. The Archduke Mowell was a little bit interesting. He asked Xinya to thank him, but he actually intended to expose the past. He used his granddaughter to praise Xinya at this time, but it was real. Compliments.

Warm and Yapo is somewhat ashamed of the posture, snuggling beside Si Yixun, making a little daughter, as if the courage and means shown before, just hallucinations.

Read MTL - Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress - Chapter 914 Some rules still need to be established - NovelBuddy (2024)
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