Paris in September: Weather, Festivals, & Things to Do (2024) (2024)

Planning a trip to Paris in September? Here’s everything you need to know.

Paris is a remarkable city. There’s no doubt about that. Irrespective of the time of year, the French capital has a certain charm and romanticism that will assure any visitor of an enjoyable experience.

While there are pros and cons to each month of the year when visiting Paris (mostly pros), this post will focus on September.

This post will show you why September is an excellent time to visit this city, but it will also guide you on what to do, where to go, and what to expect from Paris at this time of year.

After reading this post, you will most likely be highly motivated to plan a trip to Paris in September. You will know exactly what to plan for in terms of weather and other factors.

You will also know what to expect from the city regarding the exciting events and happenings throughout September.

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Why You Must Visit Paris In September

September in Paris can be described as the tail-end of the Parisian summer, as the shoulder season. This is usually a win for anybody hoping to visit the city at this time of year.

Not only are hotel prices and tickets significantly lower, but the tourists have also started dissipating to a large degree.

As the Parisians return to the city from their summer holidays – summed up perfectly in the concept called la rentrée – Paris enjoys a surge of energy as the new year officially begins.

This time of year sees the reopening of many local Parisian spots that would have closed for the summer holidays.

Cultural events abound at this time of year, and the weather is still good enough to enjoy all that Paris has to offer without concern over sweltering heat. (Remember that air-conditioning is not commonplace in Paris).

Food and wine are everywhere you look, with tastings and new menus for everybody to enjoy.

Because the locals have mostly returned, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Parisian experience by mixing with residents and experiencing the true nature of their culture.

September sees several major cultural events such as Fashion Week, Design Week, and the well-known European Heritage Days that allow visitors to enjoy Paris landmarks at no charge.

You will also have the opportunity to see parts of famous museums and places of interest that are usually not open to the general public.

Major music festivals such as the Techno Parade and the Jazz a la Villette are other major attractions that will make a September sojourn to Paris worthwhile.

The main cultural season of Paris begins at this time of year, so any visitor will be spoilt for choice with a vast array of classical music concerts, dance theatre, and ballet, to name but a few.

Pssst: If you’re still not sure when to go, here’s a guide on the best time to visit Paris by month and season.

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Where To Stay In Paris In September

Anybody who has been to Paris before will tell you that it is vast, and choosing where to stay can be a somewhat overwhelming experience. Paris is divided into arrondissem*nts, and each has its own unique charm.

Some districts are better for shopping, others for sightseeing, and others, still, are better known for their food scene.

Where to stay in Paris depends largely on your main priorities in terms of activities. As a first-time visitor, you are best off staying in the 7th arrondissem*nt. This is where the Eiffel Tower is located, and you will have close access to countless other offerings within the city.

If sightseeing is your priority, the first arrondissem*nt is a brilliant place to stay. The first arrondissem*nt is where the Louvre museum is located.

Because tourists are far less numerous in September, there is far greater availability of affordable accommodation. However, it’s also a great time to try staying in a less touristy area to allow you to experience genuine Parisian culture and mix with locals.

One such hotel is the Gardette Hotel. This is located in the 11th arrondissem*nt, a Parisian neighborhood seldom overrun by tourists. However, it is still close enough to all the city’s main attractions. It’s an ideal place for families to stay as there is a picturesque square with a green area and a children’s playground.

There is an excellent selection of local restaurants near the hotel where you can experience authentic Parisian cuisine. The Gardette hotel is also within easy walking distance to the ever-popular Marais district and numerous metro stations, ensuring you are well-connected to the rest of the city. Click here to check availability.

The Hotel des Grands Boulevards is located more centrally, with a half-minute walk to the nearest metro station that takes you straight to the airport. This hotel is within walking distance of the Louvre museum and Notre Dame, making it the ideal spot for sightseeing. Click here to check availability.

The Cler Hotel in the 7th Arrondissem*nt is surrounded by local Parisian beauty and charm. Besides its position within easy walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, Cler Hotel is located near many local restaurants, shops, and cafes. Click here to check availability.

Paris Weather In September

The Parisian weather in September is best described as unpredictable. It is essentially the transition period between summer and autumn. You will see the colors transform from bright green to the golden colors associated with the fall.

While the weather is mostly warm and pleasant, you must remember that summer is officially over. As a result, there will also be colder days. The evenings will mostly have a certain chill to them as opposed to the balmy evenings of summer.

You can expect significant temperature variations in Parisian September weather, with temperatures varying between 52°F and 70°F throughout the day.

Rainfall in September is somewhat sporadic – you can go from enjoying a warm, sunny day to suddenly encountering a downpour. Thankfully these downpours are short-lived, and you are less likely to find long days filled with rain. After all, September is the driest month in Paris.

The heatwaves that are synonymous with Parisian summers have generally subsided by the time September comes, so you will be able to enjoy the outdoors without overheating.

With this in mind, there will still be hot days in September when the sun is beating down, so as a general rule, you should not go without sunscreen.

  • Minimum temperature: 53.2°F
  • Maximum temperature: 69.6°F
  • Average rainfall: 0.67 inches
  • Average sunshine hours: Roughly 7.8 hours
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What To Wear In Paris In September

With the unpredictable weather can come a certain degree of uncertainty as to what you should wear during a Parisian September. The short answer is that you should be prepared for any eventuality in terms of weather.

  • Dress in layers: You should dress in layers that can be removed and placed back on when you need to. You should be prepared for warm days with cool clothing, hats, and sunscreen. You should also pack light jackets and coats for when the weather cools down.
  • Umbrella and rain-proof shoes: These items are must-haves to ensure you remain protected from any sudden downpours. The essential item of clothing in Paris is a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. The best way to experience Paris is by foot, and you are guaranteed to do a lot of walking during your time there.
  • Hats: These are very much in vogue in Paris during September. Several specialized boutiques sell beautifully crafted hats that are a must-have for any Parisian.

What To Do In Paris In September

1. Join a Wine Tasting Experience

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Les Caves Du Louvre is a wine cellar right in the heart of Paris.

A visit here will allow you to enjoy a tour of the stunning facilities and a tasting of their fine wines at the end of the tour.

If you buy the Paris Pass, know that a wine tasting experience in this venue is included in the pass, meaning you sip some French wine and don’t have to pay extra for that.

2. Visit Offbeat Neighborhoods

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Because the locals have returned, for the most part, September is the best time to explore the neighborhoods where tourists tend not to venture.

Here you will find an authentic experience of Parisian culture. You will be able to enjoy the best local cafes and restaurants while mixing with the locals themselves.

Some examples of these neighborhoods include Butte-Aux-Cailles, La Campagne à Paris, and Cité Florale.

3. Enjoy Paris Café Culture

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While coffee culture has taken off worldwide, few places are better to enjoy it than Paris.

Paris cafés that closed for the vacations have reopened in September, and local baristas will be all-too-eager to show off their skills.

While Paris was never known for its coffee in previous years, pioneers such as Partisan Café Artisanal and Boot Café have put Paris on the map in terms of global coffee culture.

4. Spend a Day at Disneyland

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A staple for the itinerary of any family visiting Paris is Disneyland. This iconic spot is guaranteed to keep your kids – and you – entertained for hours.

In September, queues are far shorter, and the weather is cooler. This means you will be far more likely to enjoy the hours spent walking around this vast amusem*nt park searching for the next best thrill.

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5. Visit the City’s Museums

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While Paris is known for its museums and art galleries, these facilities tend to be overcrowded during the high season.

September presents the opportunity to enjoy the vast array of historical museums, monuments, and art galleries without the maddening crowds and endless queues.

Don’t miss out! Get here your timed-entrance Louvre ticket

6. Take a Walking Tour Around Paris

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Anybody who has visited Paris will tell you that the only way to experience the city is on foot.

By taking a walking tour, you will experience the best of the city while under the guidance of someone who knows exactly where they’re going.

This will take the stress off you, allowing you to simply take in the scenery and learn about the city.

7. Enjoy Hot Chocolate

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Hot chocolate in Europe is very different from what American children are used to. This rich, velvety delicacy made with real molten chocolate is somewhat life-changing.

Arguably the best place to enjoy this luxurious drink is Un Dimanche un Paris. A runner-up is Laduree, famous for its Macarons but also renowned for its sumptuous hot chocolate. And a close third is Angelina Paris.

Enjoy a rich hot chocolate on a chilly September evening, and rejuvenate yourself for the evening ahead.

8. Have a Hearty Brunch

Brunch is an extremely popular meal in Paris, and the Parisians have grasped this concept in the best way possible.

Parisian brunch fare includes a vast array of delectable food items at countless cafes across the city.

Some noteworthy spots to include are La Bossue and Café de Flore.

9. See a Cabaret Show

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September sees a significant culture surge in Paris, and cabaret is no exception. The Moulin Rouge is possibly the best place to do this.

You will be treated to an incredible cabaret experience at this iconic venue with delicious eats and excellent champagne to boot.

Click here to book your cabaret experience.

10. Sip a co*cktail in a Rooftop Bar Before It’s Too Cold

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Parisian rooftop bars boast some of the most incredible views of the city.

September is a great time to get a spot at one of these scenic locations before it becomes too cold to sit outdoors for hours after sunset.

One of the best rooftop bars to try is the Terrass Rooftop Bar in Montmartre.

Events In Paris In September

1. Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

  • When: 17-18 September 2022

The European Heritage days present a unique opportunity to enjoy Paris landmarks and attractions free of charge once a year. You will also be able to enjoy tours of areas usually closed off to the general public.

2. Omnivore Food Festival

  • When: 10-12 September 2022

This is an incredible food festival that brings together hundreds of culinary professionals to share their fare with visitors worldwide.

3. Paris Electronic Week

  • When: 21-24 September 2022

Paris Electronic Week is a music event dedicated to techno music that takes over several venues in the 19th Arrondissem*nt over a few days.

4. Paris Fashion Week

  • When: 26 September to 4 October 2022

An absolute must-see for fashion lovers across the globe, Paris Fashion Week shows off its ready-to-wear women’s collections by some of the world’s biggest names in fashion.

Paris in September: Weather, Festivals, & Things to Do (2024) (13)

5. La Parisienne

  • When: 9-11 September 2022

La Parisienne is the largest all-female running race in Europe, where thousands of women take to the streets of Paris over three days of races.

6. Fête des Jardins

  • When: September 2022

Despite September being officially out of the summer months, blooms are aplenty during this time. The Garden Festival marks the beginning of autumn. Visitors to Paris can enjoy an incredible selection of gardens ordinarily not open to the public.

Things To Note When Traveling To Paris In September

While visiting Paris in September is almost guaranteed to be a glorious experience, there are some considerations you should note. This will ensure that your time in the French capital is nothing but fantastic.

As discussed above, the weather at this time of year is unpredictable. While there will be hot days, these may quickly turn cold in the late afternoon, so you had better be prepared for any eventuality.

Rain usually comes in short bouts at this time of year instead of falling throughout the entire day, but carrying an umbrella is highly advisable.

A visit to Paris will inevitably involve a great deal of walking—this is the only real way to experience the city. Still, you should ensure that you are always wearing a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Avoid sandals as the streets and the pavements of Paris will have your feet filthy in no time.

While Paris is generally an extremely safe city, you should be aware that certain areas can be somewhat unsafe after dark.

The neighborhood of Goutte D’or and the surroundings of the Barbes Rouchechouart, Chateau Rouge, and Gare Du Nord metro stops can become somewhat unsavory at night.

Paris in September: Weather, Festivals, & Things to Do (2024) (14)

Paris has also seen a recent uptick of makeshift refugee camps such as those around the metro Stalingrad, the Colonel Fabian metro station, and the Halle Pujol market area. While these are not necessarily unsafe areas, they might make some visitors feel somewhat unsettled.

While it is essentially the shoulder season, you should still ensure that you book your travel tickets and accommodation well in advance to obtain the best possible deals.

The majority of Parisians returning to the city from their holidays will be full of energy and excitement for the beginning of the cultural season.

However, some locals are not all too happy about having to return to work, and they just might take out their frustrations on an unsuspecting tourist. It’s best in these situations not to take it personally and simply move on with a smile.

Final Thoughts on Paris in September

Overall, you can expect your time in Paris in September to be simply sublime.

With countless cultural events emerging and an almost tangible buzz of energy in the air, thanks to the returning locals, you are guaranteed to experience the best that Paris has to offer, with plenty of sunshine and good weather overall.

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Paris in September: Weather, Festivals, & Things to Do (2024) (2024)
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