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If you thought Paris was only the capital city of France, think again. There are actually several cities in the United States that share the same name as the European metropolis. In fact, there are at least 23 cities and towns across America that are named after Paris.

Origins of Naming Cities After Paris

The reason behind naming cities after Paris varies from place to place. Some American cities were named after Paris as a tribute to the French capital’s rich cultural heritage and history. Others were named for more practical reasons, such as to honor individuals who had a connection with France or to acknowledge their French ancestry.

States with Cities Named Paris

Most of the American cities named after Paris are located in Central and Southern states such as Tennessee, Texas, and Arkansas. However, there are also some northern states like Maine and Michigan that have a city called Paris.

Here is a list of all the US states that have at least one city or town named after Paris:

  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee li >
  • Texas li >
  • Vermont li >
  • Virginia li >
  • West Virginia li >
  • Wisconsin li >
  • Kansas li >
  • Oklahoma li >
  • Oregon li >

Interesting Facts About Paris, Texas

Among all the cities named after Paris in the United States, Paris, Texas is perhaps the most famous. It is also the second-largest city named Paris in America, after Paris, Tennessee. Here are some interesting facts about Paris, Texas:

  • The city was founded in 1844 and was named after the French capital as a tribute to the Marquis de Lafayette who had helped American troops during the Revolutionary War.
  • Paris, Texas is known for its impressive replica of the Eiffel Tower. The tower stands at 65 feet tall and has a red cowboy hat perched on top.
  • The city of Paris, Texas has a population of around 25,000 people and covers an area of 44 square miles.
  • Paris Junior College is located in this city and offers associate degrees and vocational training programs to its students.


In conclusion, there are at least 23 US cities that share their name with the French capital – Paris. While each city’s reasons for being named after Paris may differ from one another, they all share a connection with France’s rich cultural heritage. These cities serve as a testament to America’s close ties with France throughout history.

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How Many US Cities Are Named Paris? - LuxuryTravelDiva (2024)


How many cities named Paris are in the United States? ›

There are 20 cities in 19 states named Paris; two in different counties in Ohio, the rest in Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

What city is known as the Paris of the Americas? ›

Known as the “Paris of the Americas” and the birthplace of the tango, Buenos Aires is a city of contrasts. The glamour and elegance of its European roots are interwoven with its undeniable Latin American essence.

What state has Paris? ›

Paris, city, seat (1844) of Lamar county, northeastern Texas, U.S., on a ridge between the Red and Sulphur rivers, some 105 miles (170 km) northeast of Dallas. Laid out in 1845 and named for Paris, France, it developed after the arrival of the railroad in 1876. The city was replanned after a disastrous fire in 1916.

Which city is called Paris? ›

Paris is the capital and largest city of France. With an official estimated population of 2,102,650 residents as of 1 January 2023 in an area of more than 105 km2 (41 sq mi), Paris is the fourth-largest city in the European Union and the 30th most densely populated city in the world in 2022.

What city in the US looks like Paris? ›

Washington, D.C.

The capital of the U.S. was designed primarily by a Frenchman, Pierre Charles L'Enfant. He set out to build a Paris-like city, with grand, tree-lined boulevards and plentiful gardens and monuments.

What city is the Paris of North America? ›

Montreal — the second-largest city in Canada — features much of the European charm you'll find in Paris from its long history of French influence. The city comes alive in the summertime after suffering through freezing-cold winters.

Why is there a city called Paris in Texas? ›

Named after Paris, France, by an employee of the town's founder, George W. Wright, the town prospered as a farming and ranching community until the arrival of the railroad. Paris was named the seat of Lamar County before the Civil War, and it was one of only a handful of counties that voted against Texas secession.

Which city is often called the Paris of South America? ›

Stunning architecture, cosmopolitan atmosphere, the latest fashions and trends, intimate side walk cafes, a prized destination for savvy world travelers: it's no wonder that Buenos Aires is often called the South American Paris.

What is the nickname of Paris? ›

Paris (nicknamed the "City of light") is the capital city of France, and the largest city in France. The area is 105 square kilometres (41 square miles), and around 2.15 million people live there. If suburbs are counted, the population of the Paris area rises to 10.7 million people.

What country is closest to Paris? ›

Metropolitan France shares borders with Belgium and Luxembourg to the north, Germany to the north east, Switzerland to the east, Italy and Monaco to the south east, Andorra and Spain to the south, and a maritime border with the United Kingdom to the north west.

What is the acronym Paris? ›

Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS)

What American city is named after a town in England? ›

For example, there is only one US place that is known to be named for the Boston in England. That is Boston, Massachusetts.

What is the most French place in America? ›

The city with the largest concentration of people of French extraction is Madawaska, Maine, while the largest French-speaking population by percentage of speakers in the U.S. is found in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana.

What three towns in the US have a French name? ›

- Des Moines, Iowa (literally: monks) - Montpelier, Vermont (the town in France has 2 Ls: Montpellier) - Terre Haute, Indiana (literally: high land - terre can also mean ground, soil, earth) - Bellefontaine, Ohio (literally: beautiful fountain)

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