Chaos Born: Destiny Undone - Chapter 18 - Ilikefear1_2 (2024)

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The two awoke back in the Chamber of Secrets, Harry being reborn right before the eyes of a surprised Daphne and Tracey, while Olivia, and Luna watched on.

Fleur blinked several times as her body shifted and changed, her wings erupting from her back, as did her tail. It took a few moments and filled the chamber with an ominous dread, but Fleur was soon back to her old self.

While Fleur's evolution was surprising, Tracey and Daphne got an even bigger surprise when they got an eyeful of Harry's body as he was reborn from his own ashes.

He rolled his shoulders a few times and glanced around, catching his sister's smirking visage.

"What?" He asked her.

"Nothing." She responded with a grin as she eyed him up.

He caught the movement of her eyes, and quickly redressed before glancing over at the blushing faces of his two wives. He stared at them for a few long moments before smirking. He then looked away, cracking his neck as he did.

He glanced down at his hands, taking notice of how things felt different. Everything felt clearer, felt stronger. He had to wonder what had caused this feeling. It took him a moment but he began to suspect that the huge quantity of ADAM he had drained from Fontaine was the culprit. When he was reborn, that ADAM must have rushed through his system bonding the parts of his body even more than they normally would.

"It worked." Luna hummed, drawing him away from his wonderment.

"That it did." He replied stepping over to her and pulling her into a lustful kiss which she returned emphatically. He then pulled away and did the same thing with Olivia.

"You do not mind, do you?" Fleur asked as she approached Luna.

"Not at all." Luna replied as Fleur reached out and cupped her cheeks, pulling her into a passionate kiss as she did. The two held the kiss for several long moments before separating.

"I've been waiting to do zat." Fleur said to her with a grin, earning a lustful smile from Luna as well as her body was affected by Fleur's toxins.

"Much better in real life." Luna hummed as she pulled herself away, her face flushing as she touched at her now sensitive lips.

"How long were you away?" Olivia inquired as she held onto Harry.

"Only six years." Harry replied.

"Only six? Wow. That's not bad at all." Olivia blinked, Harry nodding in agreement alongside her.

"So what now?" Tracey asked, still blushing from the earlier sight of Harry's body.

"Give me an hour, I want to spend some time with Olivia and Luna, than we'll go again. Who's next?" Harry responded.

"I will!" Tracey immediately volunteered, earning a look from Daphne who noticed the excitement in her response.

"Fine by me." Harry shrugged, pretending not to notice.

Harry spent the next hour regaling them of their time in Rapture, he had his arm around Olivia, and Luna resting her head in his lap.

It was amazing to hear of the strange and unusual things they'd encountered there, and it filled Tracey and Daphne with excitement for their respective journeys.

When they heard about the part surrounding Fleur's ascension that left them curious.

"So all you had to do was paint?" Tracey questioned.

"Not entirely. We zink it had more to do with fulfilling a role. Embracing zose aspects of my life, just helped to get me zere." Fleur replied.

"And what role would that be?" Daphne asked.

"We have roles? I thought we just had to impress our patrons." Tracey added in.

"That's what I thought as well, and while that might be true, I think there's also a role you're meant to fulfill in this. For Fleur I think she's meant to be my rock. The one I can turn to when everything goes to sh*t and the stress becomes to much. She's the one meant to be there for me and support my emotional stability. She has power, and she's strong, but she's not a warrior. Not like Olivia. Olivia I believe is meant to be there for me in a different way. Where as Fleur is meant to be there at the end of the day, to unburden myself, Olivia is meant to by my side through the conflict. To fight by my side, to protect me. In fact I think it's that latter part that is her primary role. Fleur is my release, from the burdens of the day, Olivia is my protector, the one who shields me from harm, and fights with me through the problems we face. Fulfilling that role wasn't her test, but it is what she's meant to do while with me. Showing that she could fulfill her role, was what Fleur's patron needed from her, but that wasn't the case for Olivia, or at least not entirely. I have no way of proving this, and I kind of prefer to think it's true so I don't want to ask the Black Book. It doesn't help us with either of your ascensions, unfortunately." Harry explained his understanding, while also admitting that he could very well be wrong.

Still the idea was a romantic one, and while he had no proof, he did recall the feelings he got from them in the dreamworld. From Olivia he always felt a sense of protection and safety, from Fleur always a sense of release, from her ability to remove all other factors besides herself, freeing him from the burdens of a problem.

In Daphne and Tracey he felt things too. In Tracey Harry felt completion, the fulfillment of his need for family. Of all of them, she was the one who felt most like a wife, in that she fulfilled all the parts of a wife. A partner, a rock, a mother, someone to always be there for you. She felt like all of these things, wrapped up into one package. Meanwhile from Daphne, he'd always felt a certain equality to her. She felt more like a partner, like her role was to be there to support him, not emotionally, but literally. To help him with his plans, to work through his problems. Fleur could free him from those problems, but Daphne was the one who'd help him face them. Of course he knew that even if he was right, they would all carry overlap. As his lovers they'd fulfill each other's roles as well as their own, but it still felt like a primary purpose, like something they were suited best for. Protector, Lover, Wife, and Partner. The four aspects, he believed these chosen women were meant to fulfill.

It was curious to ponder, but they had no concrete answers on it.

Eventually the hour was up, and they couldn't delay it any longer. There was no point in waiting, other than Harry's own comfort, but he was ready to endure this. At most he had one-hundred-and-eighty years left until he fulfilled this task so he was ready to endure it.

Once more, be placed his wand to his head and used the killing curse to end his life. All the while he focused on Tracey who offered Daphne a nervous and excited goodbye before she was drawn into the other world where she found Harry, laying on the ground, his head on Luna's lap.

The two were naked, causing Tracey to blush, only for her to realize that she was also naked.

She quickly covered herself with her hands as her face turned beat red.

"Careful now, you're going to wake up naked when we appear where we're going, so try not to run away." Harry offered to her, getting a good look at her shapely legs which caused her blush to deepen.

"See you soon." Luna gently stroked Harry's hair, earning his attention once more. He gifted her a gentle smile, and gently stroked at her face. A few moments passed before everything bled white and Harry and Tracey were brought to a new world.

Tracey blinked several times as they appeared in the new world, she found herself in a large open room, surrounded by gray steel walls. She immediately took notice of how the walls were littered with marks and craters. Dents and gouges ran through the steel from some kind of attack.

She felt the air brush her naked body and immediately covered herself and turned to look for Harry. She only made it a half turn when she spotted something. A creature stalked towards her. A vaguely human creature on all fours. It had massive, oversized claws, and was completely skinless. It had no eyes, and it's brain was exposed. Slime and wetness dripped from it's body, and from it's mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, emerged a long thing tongue.

The creature let out a hiss as Tracey stepped back from it, only for her movement to trigger an attack. It's tongue shot forward, lancing through the air, to pierce the flesh of her shoulder. She screamed out in pain, falling to the ground as she felt blood pour down her arm and chest.

In a lightning fast movement Harry was at her side, he ripped the tongue free with one hand and with just a wave of his opposite, the creature exploded into flames.

It screamed out and began thrashing as it burned alive.

Tracey's hands immediately went to the wound but before she could ask what was happening, another growl caught their ears. Before she could fully turn her head towards the noise, another of those same creatures was already airborne. It pounced onto Harry, pushing him onto his back. He brought his legs up in an athletic movement and kicked the creature off of him.

He flipped up onto his feet, just as the creature recovered and pounced again.

Harry met the incoming movement with a thrust of his Behir arm.

The scaled, clawed hand punched into the creatures chest as Harry caught the weight of the larger being.

It thrashed and clawed at him, cutting his arm, shoulders, and back with it's massive claws.

The wounds rapidly began to heal as his veins and skin glowed yellow as ADAM rushed to the affected areas.

Harry barely bled, even from the back wounds as they rapidly began to close. He quickly scanned the area finding just one more of the creatures in what he now recognized as a cage.

It leaped through the air, but a bolt of lighting caught it's chest, that leaped from Harry's hand.

The creature slammed into the ground, convulsing and Harry quickly brought his foot down onto it's head, crushing it beneath his heel.

He scanned the room one more time before he approached Tracey who was watching the battle with amazement and fear. He knelt over her, and moved her hand which was covering her wound. He began to use healing magics to help shut the wound when he noticed the skin around her wound beginning to change color.

"What are those things?" She asked him, her eyes dancing between the bodies of the strange monsters.

"No idea." Harry replied as he finished healing the wound.

He rose to his feet and once more glanced around, Tracey took the moment to realize both of them were still naked, which caused her to blush once more and lower her gaze from him.

Before Harry could speak again a far door which was heavily reinforced opened. A troop of men came storming in, heavily armored and armed with machine guns, their shouts began to fill the air.

"HANDS ON YOUR HEAD! LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!" Shouts peppered the air.

Harry gave the troop a curious gaze before stepping forward.

"DON'T MOVE! DO NOT MOVE!" Came more shouts.

"Who are you?" Harry asked them, taking note that they spoke English, and sounded to him like Americans.

"I said hands on your head! Take another step and we will fire!" The lead man spoke.

Harry sighed and raised both his hands. In doing so, he unleashed a blast of frigid air that froze all six of the men in place.

The Winter's Blast Plasmid, courtesy of his Dementor DNA. Harry simply chuckled at the troop of men before lifting his gaze to search the ceiling. He eventually spotted what he was looking for. A camera staring down at them.

"Why don't you come talk to me. I'm sure we'd have a delightful conversation." Harry spoke up towards the Camera, as his body shrouded itself in the Dementor's cloak. A pair of pants materialized on him, which he quickly removed transfigured into a dress and then tossed back to Tracey, allowing her to finally cover up.

Silence persisted for a moment as Tracey put the dress on and silently approached Harry's side.

She spotted the camera watching them, recognizing who it was that Harry was speaking with.

A few more moments passed before a voice emerged on some kind of intercom system.

"Who are you? How did you get in there?" The voice of a man asked.

"My name is Harrison Potter Black. You can call me Harry. This is Tracey Davis. Seems we accidentally ended up in one of your specimen containers." Harry responded.

"And how is it you ended up in there?" The voice asked again.

"We're… special. Whatever that creature had is infectious. It's gotten into my friend here. You wouldn't happen to know the cure?" Harry asked, causing Tracey to blink in surprise. Her eyes fell to where the wound was, and she quickly noticed under the stain of blood the skin was becoming discolored and her veins were turning a dark purple.

"H-Harry…" She spoke in worry.

"I know. Give me a moment." Harry responded.

Harry stepped towards the troop of men, passing by each one of them, punching each one in the face as he went along. Each punch broke the ice covering their heads, uncovering their breathing masks, allowing the men to take in air before they suffocated.

Thankfully the Winter's Blast plasmid didn't freeze a person all the way through on it's weaker versions, it just encased them in ice.

Their gasps filled the air, but proved they were still alive.

"You and your friend have been infected. I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do for you. Please remain where you are, allow us to retrieve our men." The voice over the intercom stated.

"What's happening Harry?" Tracey asked him.

"Those creature carried some kind of virus. You were infected by it's tongue, and I was probably infected by it's claws. My body can resist non magical viruses and toxins, so I'm probably fine. You on the other hand, well… well your patron is the God of Diseases so maybe that was the plan." Harry spoke causing her to nod in worry.

He observed her for several moments, watching as the purple coloring around the infection sight spread, and somewhat faded in it's intensity.

"How do you feel?" Harry asked her.

"I feel fine. A bit of soreness from where I got hit, but otherwise, I don't feel any different." She said in response.

A more minutes passed as another troop of soldiers entered, they kept their weapons pointed towards the ground, though they were obviously suspicious of the two.

With them was a scientist and a full hazmat suit.

He came towards the duo, briefly stopping to examine the group of still frozen men who were slowly thawing out. The new arrival of soldiers quickly set to work breaking the ice and freeing their companions, while the scientist approached the duo.

"How did you two get in here?" The man asked them.

"Magic." Harry responded with a smirk. He could see the man narrow his eyes challengingly behind the visor.

"Honestly, no clue. Happens to me from time to time. What is this virus we've been infected with?" Harry carried on when the man continued to glare at him.

"I'll tell you once you've answered my questions." The scientist responded.

"How's about you bring me down a chair, a table, and a microscope, and I'll get some of the answers myself." Harry responded.

"You think this is some kind of joke! This virus is lethal!" The man replied.

"So am I, as you can tell. As for this being a joke, of course not. But I've been studying biology, and genetics for the better part of fifty-five years. I've lived a healthy lifestyle and it's kept me young and youthful, but I can assure you, I know what I'm talking about. Virology might not have been my focus, by I've far from ignorant of how they work. You saw what I can do, you should recognize that I'm… 'special'." Harry said to him, raising his Behir arm and opening his beholder eye revealing two of his prominent mutations.

The scientist took a breath at the sight of the mutations while many of the soldiers began making sounds of concern and confusion.

"She's just as special as I am. Trust me when I say, you'd rather have me working with you, and I'm more than happy to do so. Just you watch… how long is the incubation time for this virus, how long until the effect are noticeable?" Harry questioned.

"Given your injuries, and the type of vector, it should only be a matter of hours." The scientist responded.

"Than come back in a few hours, and we'll see what's become of us." Harry replied, turning towards Tracey and gesturing for her to join him.

The two ventured over to a corner of the cell to sit down. The scientist observed the two for a long moment as the rest of the soldiers were finished being freed from their icy prisons. He tore his eyes off of the two just long enough to gaze down at the dead bodies before turning to head out of the cell, along with the soldiers.

Harry sat with Tracey for several long moments before offering to clean the blood off of her wound. The wound itself might be gone but she still had dried blood running down her chest and back.

She accepted, so he quickly used magic to help clear her up, doing the same with himself. He also took the opportunity to check how the infection was spreading.

"How does it look?" She asked him, able to the part on her chest, but not where the tongue had pierced through her shoulder out the back.

"It actually looks like it's getting better. I think you're body is overpowering this virus. Not sure how though, but given who your patron is, I don't think sickness is going to take you down." Harry responded, giving her shoulder a quick look.

"I hope so." Tracey uttered, not as confidant as he was.

"If push comes to shove and it does kill you, I can just bring you back, don't forget that." Harry reminded her, causing her to nod slowly.

"What's it like, Harry? To die I mean." Tracey asked him.

"Well it's different for me, but when I die, I find myself standing in that empty space we were in before, with Luna. We have a few moments to ourselves, to talk, to interact, and then I wake up again." Harry answered.

"Does it hurt?" She asked him.

"Sometimes. Depends on how I die." Harry admitted.

"I wish I had your confidence. I feel like I'm a nervous wreck right now." Tracey stated, wringing her hands as she did.

"It's alright to be nervous, and it's alright to be scared. You don't have to be though. I'm here, I'll look after you." Harry offered to her, earning a genuine smile from Tracey.

"Thanks Harry. I really appreciate it." Tracey responded.

Time passed, an hour and then two. Neither showed any signs of infection at around the two hour mark. The discoloration that Tracey had been experiencing had gone away, leaving her looking like her normal self. Harry wasn't at all surprised. After all, she was chosen by the God of Disease, Rot, and Decay. He seriously doubted that diseases would have much of a negative affect on her. In fact, he strongly suspected that she might now be a carrier for whatever this virus was, but aside from that, he doubted it would have any negative affect on her.

Still, they were being patient.

After about the third hour with the two just sitting there talking, the door to the chamber opened and the guards returned along with the scientist.

"Come to get a blood sample?" Harry asked, suspecting that he now wanted to figure out why these two weren't showing symptoms of infection.

"That's correct." The scientist replied.

"Feel free. You don't have any problem with needles do you?" Harry asked Tracey whom shook her head in response.

The scientist did as he said, drawing a vial of blood from each of them before departing once more. Another hour passed before he finally returned.

He approached the two and stood before them, finally he focused his attention on Harry.

"What are you?" He asked him.

"You could say I've undergone some, 'changes'." Harry responded with a smirk.

"You show no signs of infection despite having been wounded. You on the other hand, show something equally as remarkable. The virus is replicating within you, yet you also show no symptoms of infection. Most people would be deathly ill by now, or even dead." The scientist spoke to them.

"Well it's like Harry said before, we're special." Tracey said to him.

"Who are you people?" He asked back.

"I tell you what, why don't you offer us a job, and maybe you'll figure it out." Harry replied.

"A job? You want a job?" The scientist sounded incredulous.

"Need something to occupy myself. She's a carrier, so that makes her a source to draw from for experimentation. You're curious, I know you are. Make up a containment cell as our living quarters and get me the supplies I need to study, and I'll give you results. So long as you don't try and separate us or perform any unsavory experiments without our consent, I don't mind sticking around." Harry offered, rising to his feet as he did.

"You'd willingly lock yourselves in a cell?" The scientist questioned.

"Well, yeah, I don't see why not. It would only be for as long as we could handle it. Whenever we grow tired of hanging around, or if you jerk us around to much, we'll just leave." Harry shrugged in response as he helped Tracey to her feet.

"You can't just leave. She's a carrier. This virus cannot be allowed to escape this facility, it's too dangerous. We can't just let you leave." The scientist said to them.

"You can't really stop us from leaving. Let me show you." Harry responded, and then while still holding Tracey's hand, he blinked the two of them out of the cell, taking them all the way to Surrey in England where they appeared in front of Number four, Privet Drive.

"What?! Did you just… You can teleport?" Tracey questioned as she glanced around in wonderment.

"Yep." Harry responded as he gazed for several long moments at the house that had been his prison for most of his young life.

He had no idea what year this was, but it was obvious that they were still on Earth. He wasn't sure if this was their time or maybe a different time all together. The house was here, despite the fact that he'd burned it down, and he recognized Petunia's rose bushes out front, so he suspected another time, or sometime in the past.

Still, he didn't dwell on it long. He didn't have time to worry about alternate versions of himself, or the Dursleys in another universe.

Instead he crossed the yard and plucked one of the roses before returning to Tracey to take her hand.

He phase shifted the two back into the cell, surprising the scientist as they reappeared where they had departed from.

Harry held out the rose with a smirk.

"We can leave whenever we want. I'm offering our aid, because I'm curious, because I've always been inquisitive. You can either accept my offer, or we can leave. I wouldn't bother trying to rationalize the dangers to the people outside because I don't care. This is the only person here that I care about." Harry finished gesturing to Tracey as he did.

She gave him a look but nodded at his point. This wasn't their world, so they shouldn't bother with caring to much about the people here. Her God was also the god of Death, Disease, and Decay, so it was likely that there was going to be a lot of death in her future. She'd have to get used to it, if she wanted to ascend and save her own life. She also understood what Harry was after. These people were obviously studying whatever virus those dead creatures had. Her patron being the Plaguefather it only made sense to stick around diseases.

Silence held for several long moments before finally the scientist nodded in acceptance.

Something bizarre was going on with these two, and he couldn't let the opportunity to study it, slip him by. With Harry showing how easily he could escape, there was no real point in trying to barter.

The two were led out of the chamber and towards a new cell which was quickly being refurbished with various items, no doubt hastily taken from the surrounding lab.

"Here, you'll stay here for now. I'll ask that you don't leave without decontaminating first. You may be immune, but that doesn't mean you can't carry the disease on you." The scientist spoke to Harry. It went unsaid but Tracey wasn't going to have the same freedom, since this virus was still living inside of her. Until they knew how infectious she was, they were going to be very careful.

This was the start of their new lives, so the two would have to settle in and get used to it. They were left alone for to get some rest, as it was nearly midnight. They were thankfully given two small beds so they didn't have to worry about trying to figure out their sleeping arrangements. The two sat on what would be Harry's bed to discuss their plan. Harry had cast a privacy charm around them so that the cameras which were obviously watching and listening, wouldn't hear what they were talking about.

"So what's the plan?" Tracey inquired.

"We learn about this disease they're studying and figure out how to use it to our advantage. My guess is that we're going to have to release it from these labs at some point. Thankfully your patrons and his ideals make things pretty straightforward, just like Olivia's." Harry answered.

"Yeah, we just have to unleash a deadly plague upon innocent people." Tracey noted quietly.

"Everything dies, Tracey. Everything meets it's end sooner or later. Whether they die to some sickness or wither away at the age of seventy, what does it matter? One day, you'll be immortal, like me. Time will no longer have any meaning for you. What does the span of a human life mean when we'll live forever?" Harry surmised.

"So it's alright to kill people like that. You don't think it's wrong?" She asked him, giving him a look.

"What is right and wrong? Right now, it's your life, weighed against theirs. I don't know them. I don't know any of them. I know you. We're here for you. We're here so that you can live. It's your life, or theirs, and I choose your life. This is technically five planets that I've been on with human beings on them. You know what that tells me?" He asked her in response.

"That we're not special. That humans by and large, aren't special in the grand scope of things." Tracey answered with a sigh, seeing where he was going with this.

"Yeah, humans aren't special. We exist on other worlds, we exist in other times. I killed my relatives because of the abuse they put me through and I burned their house down, that house we went to a little while ago, that was the house I grew up in, the one I burned to the ground. Those were my aunt's rose bushes that I plucked that flower from. That tells me that she's alive right now. She's alive, and this is a different time. That computer they gave us, the date on it says 1998. We're sometime in the future from our perspective, and if my aunt is alive here, than that means this is an alternate timeline. You know what that says to me?" Harry asked her again, explaining things to her as he did.

"What?" She asked in response.

"It means that for everything we do in this time, in this place, there will be another time where it didn't happen. For every person we kill here there will exist a time where they never met us. They are common, they're mundane. You and I… we're special. We're special because we were chosen by beings outside of the confines of time and space. We are unique. One of a kind. Our lives matter. Our existence matters. There's only one of us. There's only us. Of all the possible Tracey Davis's across the time streams, you are the one that truly matters, because you are the only one that is fundamentally singular. You will ascend into a being that has no alternates. Only one. Only you. That's why I don't care about this world, or it's people. I don't have a high opinion of humans in general, but when it comes to their lives, they mean even less. Even if you weren't someone I cared for, I'd still choose you over them, because you're special. You are infinitesimally rarer than any other human being. Of all the grains of sand in the world, you are the one diamond. Don't weigh down your heart with feelings for them, the faceless nobodies. Save your pity and your remorse for the people you care for, not the endless hordes that you'll never know. Their lives are fleeting, their existence temporary. We are eternal, Tracey. We are forever. The only lives that should matter to you, are those you intend to take with you on that everlasting journey, because everything else, will eventually bleed into less than the blink of an eye in your life. That's not to say we have to hate them. Or that we can't show them kindness, but we shouldn't let them and their existence dictate our own. You can care for them, you can love them, but in the end, you will go on, and they'll all die. That is the truth of it. All I ever wanted for myself was the freedom to do what I wanted and to be who I wanted to be. It's the only thing I'm willing to fight for in regards to humanity, the right to that freedom. I want them to make their own choices, and if those choices put them at odds with me, than so be it, and if my choices put me at odds with them, than so be it. That is what it means to be free, and that's all I've ever wanted." Harry said to her, explained his rationale to her. He could see something begin to click in her mind as she listened to him. An understanding forming within her as she took in his words.

He was right. Having it all laid out in front of her, it made so much sense, why he was the way he was. Why he didn't care about people anymore. He was around seventy years old now, of course he'd feel this way about people. What was the life of an ordinary person in comparison to them?

"Okay Harry. I'll follow your lead. I don't want to die, so I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I appease my god, and earn his favor." Tracey was committed now, come hell or high water, she had to see this through to the end. Her soul was damned either way, so she might was well fight to live.

The following day, things kicked into high gear. They were once more introduced to the scientist, who revealed his name was Doctor Francis Edilson. He continued to wear a hazmat suit to speak with them to keep himself safe, but he was far more cordial today than he was yesterday. He was also joined by two other scientists, both wearing hazmat suits as well.

Those two were a husband and wife duo and the ones in charge of this facility. Their names were William and Annette Birkin. The two were here to meet them, though they would be working with Doctor Edilson for the time being as he was in charge of studying the virus the two had come into contact with the day before.

That virus being the T-Virus, or Tyrant Virus. This virus was being studied and examined by the company they worked for, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, to search for ways of using it for the betterment of mankind.

Harry dismissed the pretext with a wave of his hand, calling it for what it was. This T-Virus was a bio-weapon. He'd been around long enough to read between the lines. His accusation caught all three of them by surprise, but Harry just continued on.

"I don't care what kind of nastiness you or your company are involved with. I'm only interested in studying this virus. My wife and I will offer our assistance however we can, but don't drag this out by assuming that we're just simple kids. We're far more than that as I showed you yesterday and as you can see for yourself." Harry said to them, raising his Behir arm to point at his glowing Beholder eye, and to make a point of addressing the dim yellow glow of his sclera.

"Fair enough." Edilson accepted.

"What caused those mutations?" Annette Birkin inquired.

"A chimeric procedure performed by a madwoman. She grafted these parts onto me. As you can see the procedure was a success. In my time I've continued with further augmentations to myself, improving upon my form. I'm curious if this T-Virus of yours can be used to enhance my body even further. If you're looking for a rationale for my desires, there's your reasoning." Harry answered.

"Who was this woman?" William asked curiously.

"Her name was Abigail McTash. I killed her and her associates for mutilating me like this. As to the 'why' let's just say that she wasn't one for general anesthesia, and leave the rest to your imaginations. I can't replicate what she did, but I've found my own way of enhancing myself." Harry answered.

"And how is that?" William questioned.

"ADAM." Harry responded.

"ADAM, what's ADAM?" Edilson asked.

"A substance found in the body of undersea slugs. It's basically programmable stem-cells that adjust their form to suit what my body needs." Harry explained holding up both his hands he used the sharpened claw of his behir hand to dig into the flesh of his other hand, cutting deep into it. He then pulled back and allowed them to watch how fast it healed.

Amazement shined in their eyes as the wound bled for a few seconds before stitching itself shut.

"My body can produce ADAM on it's own, and when on it's own, it acts as an accelerated healing agent. I've learned how to extract the ADAM in my body and introduce foreign traits to it and then return it to my body, altering my own genetic code. It's a highly unstable process, and laced with dangers, so I wouldn't recommend it to people who aren't fully aware of the end results of splicing your genetic code. It's also why I appear so young. I'm actually seventy years old. I've worked in the scientific field for the better part of fifty-five years." Harry explained to the three, earning their further amazement, especially when hearing just how old this supposed 'boy' was.

Harry could see the excitement flare up in their eyes. Possibilities appearing where previously they did not exist.

There began the start of their employment for the Umbrella corporation.

While starting with little more than a microscope, Harry was soon granted greater access to the machines needed to further his scientific endeavors.

Once they realized that Harry was telling the truth about his scientific expertise as well as the strange substance known as ADAM they quickly moved the two into a new living space, which was basically just a corner of one of the labs with all the furnishings for a bedroom and bathroom, slammed into it. The lab could stay relatively sealed and allow Tracey more space to wander around and do things, while also granting Harry access to more lab equipment without him having to come and go from the cell.

Harry quickly began teaching Tracey more about science and biology, which she had a general interest in already, due to her parents being doctors, and her family business, being medicine. Tests were run night and day, as Harry learned more about the T-Virus while doctor Edilson learned more about Harry and Tracey's unique biology.

Harry showed an incredible immunity to biological infections, his white blood cells, and some unknown energy that permeated his body, quickly attacking and killing any foreign invader in mere moments. This healing factor Harry attributed to his Unicorn Blood, though that went unsaid. Tracey meanwhile had a near flawless bond with the T-Virus that she'd been infected with. The Virus was there, mixing with her cells, but it wasn't triggering any of the usual signs of infection.

Normally if the virus didn't kill you outright, it would trigger a cannibal disease. Essentially lowering brain functions and triggering a hunger for human flesh. It basically made people into zombies.

In very rare cases, about one in every ten million, a person could bond to the T-Virus like Tracey was, and they would gain enhanced strength and speed, without losing brain function, or developing an urge for human flesh. They still usually mutate though. They'd grow larger, gaining muscle mass, while also growing bone-like protrusions from their flesh. They'd usually also begin growing claws.

Following tests revealed that Tracey had gained a significant boost in her strength and speed. She was now able to run at near Cheetah speed, and hit hard enough to crack concrete without breaking her bones.

This led her to being identified as an 'Adaptor' one of the rare few who could bond successfully with the virus.

The scientists quickly learned that Tracey wasn't blind, despite her eyes being a pale milky color. All of them had simply assumed so until one of them asked how recently she had gone blind since she still looked at people when they spoke. People who were blind for a long time, or blind since birth generally didn't look at people, some didn't even turn to face them, rather just turned their ears to them.

Tracey simply responded that she could see perfectly fine, even describing the doctor's hazmat suit in detail to show that she could see.

It was after their third day there, that Harry drew a sample from the flowers in Tracey's hair, which revealed their presence to the scientists, who hadn't noticed them before, since they were usually closed and blended in with her hair.

Harry examined the sample under a microscope and confirmed the presence of the T-Virus was now in the flowers. He then decided to test to see if she still had power over those she infected.

Three rats were brought in, and Harry brushed them against the flowers in her hair and set them down.

Harry, Tracey, and a small group of researchers, including Doctor Edilson watched as the three rats began convulsing. They twitched violently, shrieking in pain as their skin peeled open and their hair fell out, starting from the point of contact. After several moments, their eyes went milky white and they collapsed, only to reanimate a few moments later and begin crawling around on the table.

All three immediately locked onto the observing scientists but got no further than beginning to advance before they stopped, and turned their attention to Tracey.

"Just as I hoped." Harry hummed, as Tracey mentally commanded the creatures.

"How is she doing that?" One of them asked as they noticed Tracey directing the three rats in a sort of swaying motion with her fingers. She was smiling down at them, through her eyes, she saw the living corpses as covered in flowers, and almost glowing with color. They looked charming, beautiful even.

"She has a mental connection to them, able to direct them with her mind." Harry responded with a smirk, knowing full well that this revelation was about the blow things out of the water.

From there, the experiments kicked into overdrive. Samples of Tracey's variant of the T-Virus were taken and used in the creation of other infected variants, Bio-Weapons, or B.O.W.s.

They first used it to create Lickers, the creatures that had originally attacked Harry and Tracey when they first arrived, and then Hunters, which this facility was working on creating as a tertiary function.

While the T-Virus was being studied here, that was only a small portion of the lab's responsibilities. It's primary function was the study and development of another virus, the Golgotha Virus, or G-Virus for short.

It was found that all beings created from Tracey's strain of the virus fell under her mental control. She wasn't linked to them, so she didn't know they were made, she couldn't sense them, but she knew them, by simply looking at them. She could easily tell the difference between a being infected with the regular T-Virus, and her own strain. And of course, she could control them.

For Tracey, her moral quandaries were falling to the wayside as she grew intrigued by the creatures being made from her. She found them beautiful, despite their grotesque appearance, and their friendly, docile, subservient nature to her, made her unafraid of them. She was learning science from Harry, and would often sit by his side while he ran tests and explained what he was doing, and what he was seeing.

This served as a bonding point for the two, as Tracey developed an intrigue for biology, and virology. When not learning from or hanging out with Harry, Tracey was spending time getting to know the other scientists and strike up a friendship with them. She was friendly by nature, and made friends easily and quickly. The scientists came to enjoy her presence, despite how dangerous she was. She liked being helpful, and was always playful and optimistic which brought a much needed levity to the extremely heavy and stressful nature of their work.

In regards to Harry and Tracey bonding, things were coming along nicely, as they shared in intimate moments, a kiss here, cuddling there. They'd talk about their lives, or Harry would regale her with stories from his time on Sera, or in Rapture, or on the unnamed planet he'd gone to in his first trip.

In this time, he also shared the Dark Soul with her, bonding her further to him, just as he'd done with Olivia, and Fleur.

It was deeply moving for Tracey that he'd been willing to share a part of his own soul with her, and it encouraged her to open up more to him. Eventually she came around to telling him about her childhood, about her brother Tommy. She smiled fondly as she recalled her past, but her smile faded as she closed in on the moment of his death. She paused there, and tears filled her eyes as she struggled to explain it.

"You don't have to say anything Tracey. Daphne told me already." He said to her, causing her to blink in surprise and face him.

"S-she did?" She asked in confusion.

"Yeah. After I opened your marks, I was curious why you had passed out when seeing Daphne unconscious. She told me what happened with you and your brother. You don't have to repeat it. I know it can't be easy. She didn't want me accidentally stumbling upon the issue so she told me. She was just trying to look out for you." Harry explained to her.

"Oh… I guess I should be thankful then. I… it really does hurt, sometimes… I think I've moved past it, and then it suddenly hits me and I can't stop crying." Tracey admitted.

"I can't imagine the pain of losing someone you love. I never had that, never knew that kind of love growing up. I can't imagine that kind of pain. If you ever want to talk though, I'll be happy to listen." Harry offered to her, earning a kind smile from her.

"Thanks Harry. I appreciate that." Tracey said to him.

The two huddled next to each other, and Tracey eventually fell asleep, awakening later on, resting on Harry's shoulder while he quietly typed away on a laptop.

It wasn't long before a month had passed, and they were finally approached by William Birkin who wanted their help with the G-Virus. Harry was immediately put on edge as he got a sense from Birkin that wasn't there before. There was a desperation to him, that he couldn't immediately place as his mind was hyper-fixated on progressing the G-Virus.

So the two began their work with the G-Virus. Both were exposed to it, Harry once more displayed an immunity to it, his body attacking and destroying it mere moments after exposure, while Tracey began bonding to it, in a way no other test subject had ever done.

It was amazing to see. Her body, which had bonded with the T-Virus, changing her cells into what were being called TV-Cells, began to bond with the incoming virus, just as it had done before. Instead of the TV-Cells bonding with the virus itself, her body began to rapidly create new cells, that were distinctly human, showing no signs of T-Virus infection. These cells were immediately infected by the T-Virus, but also the incoming G-Virus as well, creating new GV-Cells. Tracey was a bit sickly for an hour or two, feeling symptoms of fatigue, but eventually an equilibrium was reached as her body worked to reach a fifty-fifty split between the two viruses. It was absolutely mesmerizing to observe as the two viruses which should have been actively hostile to one another, coexisted in harmony. Examinations of the flowers in her hair, or of her saliva would reveal this split. Half of the flowers carried the G-Virus, the other half the T-Virus, same with her saliva, half and half, both viruses coexisting, all the way up until they left her body for a prolonged period of time. With her saliva away from her body for more then ten minutes or so, the viruses would begin acting hostile towards each other.

Harry confided only in Tracey that he suspected it had to do with the Nurglelite magic in her body, which is what allowed the two diseases to coexist.

A mutation did emerge three days later as Tracey panicked during one of the tests. Harry was moving to extract a sample from the flowers in her hair and when she opened them she let out a gasp and shot up. Harry had caught sight of it, and quickly grabbed her, to stop her from freaking out.

"What the hell!" She uttered in disbelief, not quite understanding what it was she experiencing. Her outburst earned the attention of the other scientists in the lab.

"What's wrong?" Came the question from Birkin as he came over to them.

Harry gestured to her hair, where Birkin got a good look at what had set Tracey off.

All of the G-carrying flowers had mutated. Instead of a flower bulb in their center, little blood shot eyes now stared back at them.

The flower petals that had once covered them had turned fleshy as well.

"You can see out of these eyes, right?" Harry spoke, knowing full well that that was what had caused her panic. The moment she had opened the flowers, it was like opening dozens of additional sets of eyes.

"What is going on?" Tracey asked, growing a bit nauseous. Her brain was currently battling to take in all of the new information it was receiving, as it dealt with the addition of some forty or so additional sight-lines.

"The flowers have mutated into functional eyes. That means that you've also grown optical cords through the vines in your hair. That is very interesting." Harry explained to her.

"This is tripy." Tracey uttered, as she rubbed at her brow, starting to get a headache.

The next few days were nauseating for Tracey, as she learned to adapt to this new change. These little eyes were covered in a mucus membrane that kept them from drying out while also spreading the G-Virus very easily. She could still close the 'petals' of these eyes just like the normal flowers, which would darken that vision and return things to normal.

It took less than a week, but the human brain truly was a remarkable organ. By the end of that week, the headaches were gone and Tracey could see out of those eyes without much taxation. Being able to effective see in front and behind her was also an incredible boon. Her only real blind spots were directly above her head, directly below her, and perhaps her immediate ninety degrees, though that was hit or miss depending on how she styled her hair.

Having nearly three hundred and sixty degree vision became the norm for Tracey, and it also set off alarm bells for the researchers as they got the feeling of being watched, at almost all times. Tracey's vision through these eyes was actually quite acute, and they carried the same 'blessing' of her normal eyes, seeing beauty in death, and rot, and decay.

It was a truly remarkable adaptation.

Another two weeks passed before Luna rejoined them.

"What took you so long?"Harry inquired when he first heard his lover's voice whisper into his mind.

"I was testing to see if I could find Tracey first, but after sorting through the countless different Tracey's I was getting no closer to finding her, so I just went back to looking for you."Luna answered him, gaining a hum of interest as he then began explaining all that had happened to them so far.

Not long after, Luna mentally bonded with Tracey, giving her someone else to talk to. They formed a quick friendship due to Tracey's friendly and upbeat nature. Harry would catch Tracey giggling to herself as she and Luna conversed about whatever topic. Occasionally she'd send knowing glances at Harry, a light blush dusting her cheeks as she did, no doubt stealing a glance after something Luna had said.

Harry and Tracey grew closer, as they continued their studies. Tracey's body hadn't experienced any further mutations, despite having two highly mutagenic viruses flowing within her body. Their work with Birkin and Edilson continued, with Edilson even coining a code name for Tracey, and her role in their work.

They started referring to her as the 'Matriarch'. T-infected B.O.W.s made from Tracey's strain could be controlled by her with impeccable ease. The same was true for G-Infected zombies. Other G-based B.O.W.s hadn't been created due to the mutagenic properties of the G-Virus. It caused such rapid mutations that it was easy to lose control over organisms infected by it, so they were being very careful with it's spread. Of the two, it was obviously the more dangerous. Her body had yet to begin producing G-Embryos which most living victims of the G-Virus would begin to make. These embryos were parasites that would seek out compatible hosts to infect. If they were unable to infect a proper host they would mutate into a G-Virus mutant, referred to by the scientists as a "G". Tracey had yet to begin producing these embryos which was strange.

As Harry carried on his work, he found himself thinking more and more about what he was doing, and what it ultimately meant for him. Not specifically the ramifications of actively working on two dangerous bio-weapons but more so the nature of his work as a scientist. Save for quite a bit of mechanical engineering that he'd learned from Ukon, Harry's primary area of study had largely been around biological organisms. Though more accurately, it was in mutating them, changing and evolving them into new organisms.

This drive to change things, to evolve them, no doubt came from some subconscious reflection of himself. The first thing he wanted to do, the moment he learned about ADAM was figure out a way for his own body to produce the substance so he could begin mutating himself whenever he wanted.

It was this understanding that led to a question. 'Did he want to be human anymore?'

It was quite apparent upon reflection of his actions what the answer was. He kept trying to change himself, to evolve himself. He was a Chimera now. A being of endless possibilities, and he wanted to be more. Seeing the mutagenic properties of the T and G Viruses began filling him with questions.

What if it were possible to control those mutations through one's own will? What if you could evolve in a manner you desired, with just a thought? Gaining or discarding new traits as needed. A being possessed of such a power would be unstoppable. The full power of evolution accessible with nothing more than thought.

A direction was forming in Harry's mind, a desire that began to color his ambitions. It went unsaid, but to answer those questions became Harry's goal in this world, his focus, outside of helping Tracey ascend.

More time passed as the two continued their studies and learned more about their surroundings. They learned more about the Umbrella corporation and some bits about it's founders. They learned about the city above them, Raccoon City. Harry continued to teach Tracey about biology, while they both learned more about Virology. Harry even began experimenting with the T-Virus and ADAM. Namely he began working to extract genetic traits from B.O.W.s to transform into Gene Tonics that could be used to amplify physical abilities.

This was a side project that he kept mostly to himself and Tracey.

When they weren't learning science, Harry would teach Tracey more about magic. Usually at night when the labs were quiet and everyone was asleep. The two would hide in their bedroom area, usually under the Invisibility Cloak and Harry would teach her new spells.

Tracey for her part, was enjoying herself. She was going a bit stir crazy being trapped in this one room all the time, but her growing friendship with the other scientists made things bearable. She was now on a first name basis with pretty much all of them, even Annette and William, who were generally cold with most others. Tracey knew a lot about pretty much all of them, even knowing the names of some of their family members.

Harry took the time to notice that it was strange how quickly she made friends, considering she and Daphne were basically a united pair back at Hogwarts, and never really interacted with others without the other one being present. He had to wonder if it was perhaps Daphne that kept Tracey's bubbly friendly nature in check. No doubt her protectiveness of her best friend keeping her from becoming buddies with every person in the castle.

It was a curious thought, though he kept it to himself. It wasn't a bad thing to make friends, and it was something that lifted Tracey's spirits and helped her get through this so he wasn't going to fault her on it.

His curiosity in regards to William's growing unease eventually got the better of him, and he decided to find out what was bothering the scientist.

Under the Invisibility cloak he blinked out of the labs into one of the hallways and found his way to William's personal office where he found the man, still working into the dead of night.

He observed him unseen for over an hour, trying to get a read on his mind.

It wasn't until a message came through on his computer that he finally broke from his work, and Harry finally got his answer.

The message came through a secure line that couldn't be monitored. It was from an unknown entity and it was written in code. Harry had no need to decipher it, as William actively did so as he read it. The message told Harry what he wanted to know. William and his wife were planning on leaving the company. They were going to betray Umbrella and take the G-Virus with them. That's what all the worry was about, why William was hyper fixated on perfecting it.

Harry left and returned to the lab, his curiosity now sated. So long as Birkin didn't try to harm him or Tracey, he didn't really care what he did. He had no loyalty to Umbrella, and thus had no interest in influencing William's plans.

More time passed, as more research continued. Tracey kept building bridges with the various researchers, and finding means of passing the time. When she wasn't learning or studying she was chatting with anyone who wanted to chat, including Luna.

Harry and Tracey continued to grow closer, often falling asleep next to each other after sitting in bed talking for hours on end. It was late into September nearly three months after their arrival when the two finally closed the deal on their relationship.

Using the security command plasmid Harry took over the cameras in the lab forcing them to turn away from where Harry and Tracey's bedroom was situated in one corner. He then cast a privacy charm to keep anyone from hearing them. The lab was currently empty and Tracey was tucked into a book she was reading. Harry had a plan in place. He knew Tracey was nervous about taking that next step so he was going to work her into it. He knew she wanted it, knew she wanted to take that step, she was just nervous and to embarrassed to make the first move.

He sat beside her and opened his laptop to read from it for a bit. The two were cuddling, and he had an arm draped around her stomach. After a decent amount of time had passed he gently closed the laptop and set it aside. She was engrossed in her book, having barely noticed him.

He leaned down and began placing kisses on her neck.

A smile spread across her face and she tilted her head into him, giggling as she did.

Her giggling subsided though when the hand around her stomach rose to cup one of her breasts.

She let out a small 'eep' when he groped her. Her breasts were shapely, and large. In comparison, Tracey definitely had the largest breasts out of Luna, Olivia, and Fleur, at least at this age.

He massaged the breast while continuing to kiss her, gently kneading at it and pinching at the nipple through the fabric of her shirt and bra.

He continued this way for a few seconds before his hand retreated, sliding down to the hem of her shirt. She took in a breath as he moved beneath her shirt, sliding up the soft flesh of her belly and chest, and sliding beneath her bra to continue fondling her breasts.

She took in another breath as he pulled back from her neck, his other hand lifting the back of her shirt until it exposed the strap for her bra. He unclasped it, a jolt passing through her body as she felt it come undone and loosen on her frame. In a quick motion he lifted her shirt off of her, taking her bra along with him, leaving her topless.

Her arms quickly moved to cover her naked breasts, but his hands easily slid beneath them as he returned to kissing at her neck.

She bit her lip to suppress a soft groan from escaping her lips. Embarrassed as she was, she was enjoying the sensations of his touch.

He continued fondling and kissing her for several long moments before one of his hands retreated from her breasts to trail down her body towards her pants. Gently he pulled away from her, and lowered her to the bed. She stared at him, her face flushed with embarrassment, as she once more covered her breasts with her hands to hide them from his view.

He smirked at her, with her hands up there, she wouldn't be able to stop him from unburdening her completely.

Tracey let out a yelp as Harry grabbed the edges of her pants and underwear and pulled them down to her knees she struggled to reach for them, but Harry quickly pulled them all the way off, leaving her naked. He got an eyeful of her shapely hips, and the black patch of hair over her puss*. It was obvious that she tried to keep it trimmed though the darkness of her hair made it appear messier than it really was.

He tossed her pants and panties aside and gave her a predatory look as she moved to cover her vagin*, her face a crimson red.

He removed his shirt, and his pants, leaving him just as naked as her. He leaned down and kissed her, which she returned gently. Slowly he began trailing kisses down her body, stopping at both of her breasts to place a playful kiss on both of her nipples. He then continued on his way, further and further down until he crossed her naval. He gently moved her hand aside as he lowered himself to her entrance. He placed one final kiss on her cl*t causing her to make a noise at the contact.

He invaded her reaches with his tongue, expertly working his way around her insides.

Tracey gasped and her eyes rolled back.

The thought that immediately punched through her mind, and caused him to stop and question her on it, was an image of someone else going down on her, a certain blonde haired friend of hers. He didn't know immediately if it was a memory or a desire, that involved Daphne eating her out, but the echoes of physical sensation that touched at the image, made him lean more towards it being a memory.

"You've had this done to you before." Harry noted, glancing up at her.

Tracey blinked at him, her face somehow becoming redder.

"N-no. You're my first." She lied, causing Harry to grin.

"Hey Tracey… I should probably let you know, I can read your mind. I know you're lying." He said to her, rubbing at her entrance while continuing to stare up at her.

"Y-you can?" She repeated her eyes widening even further.

"Yep. So… you and Daphne?" He asked before licking at and playfully kissing her cl*t, causing her to shudder.

"We're not… 'together' like that… it was just a thing… I… we… it's your fault really." She said to him, causing him to raise his head and let out a chuckle.

"My fault? How is it my fault?" He asked sliding a finger into her and curly it towards her g-spot causing her to gasp.

"The dreams. You got us all worked up. Sometimes we fall asleep in the same bed, and wake up from those dreams all worked up." Tracey answered him with a fiery blush.

"So you eat each other out?" He inquired curiously.

"No. I mean we masturbat*d at first. It was separate at first, but then we just did it together. Then we'd get naked and masturbat* together. Then one day, Daphne climbed on top of me, and started kissing me down there, and well… I let her." Tracey admitted, embarrassed by the whole thing.

"Wow… I must say, I agree with you, she's got a great butt." Harry offered, causing Tracey's eyes to widen once more as she shot him a look. He added that point in to assure her that he could in fact read her mind, but also because he agreed. The image in Tracey's mind staring down at that nest of straight blonde locks buried between Tracey's thighs with a long image along her back to her raised butt, was certainly exciting.

"You're not mad are you?" Tracey asked him gently.

"Mad? Why would I be mad?" He asked in response.

"I mean… I'm your wife, and I had sex with someone else." Tracey stated, a bit of shame touching at her voice.

"You said you two only started doing this after the dreams began, so that means you were my fiances or my wives whenever you were doing these things. And if all you ever did was masturbat* together and let Daphne eat you out, than it really isn't sex. Also, I'll tell you what I told Fleur, I'm fine if you wanna have sex with someone else, just so long as that someone is also mine. If, while we're here, we find someone we really like, I'm fine with us sharing them, and having them as a lover. I'm also fine with you having sex with Luna, Fleur, Olivia, and Daphne. They're all mine, and so are you. You can do whatever you want with each other, I certainly don't mind, especially since I can't be with all of you, all the time. So long as your partner, is my partner, I'm not gonna be jealous, or upset, just don't feel the need to have to hide it from me. You're mine, and Daphne will one day be mine, I don't mind if you two enjoy each other to relieve some tension, just know though, that I'm always available to do it too." He explained to her, lowering himself back down to keep working at her.

She nodded up at him, happy that he wasn't upset with her or Daphne, curling her toes in pleasure, as she felt his tongue reenter her. Still, despite the pleasure she felt the need to explain something before they continued.

"Don't tell her I told you though. She was embarrassed after she did it, and asked me not to say anything or bring it up again. I think she just really wanted to do it in the moment and regretted it afterwards. Also… it happened before our first date. We stopped doing any of those things after we started dating, it just… it didn't feel right, ya know. I mean it already felt wrong because we were your fiances, but then when we started dating, I just… it didn't feel right for either of us." Tracey explained to him. Despite him stating that he didn't care, and didn't mind, she still wanted him to know that they hadn't done anything once he started going on dates with them, and they decided to actually work towards a romantic relationship.

"It's fine. Like I said, I don't mind if it's between each other." Harry said to her, placing another kiss on her cl*t as he began to finger her.

Tracey's moans filled the air, as he worked at her opening and gently teased at her sensitive little nub with his lips.

Several minutes passed when she groaned loudly, grabbing at his hair as she reached her climax.

He grinned and placed one final kiss on her opening before rising back up to meet her face to face.

He gifted her a kiss, which drew her out of her hazy, dreamlike state, just long enough for her to notice what he was doing. Using one hand, he guided his co*ck towards her wanting entrance.

Her eyes went wide as she felt him brush and prod at her entrance.

"That's not going to fit inside of me." She said to him, though her eyes spoke another tune, praying that it actually would.

"That's what they all say." Harry replied with a smirk, drawing his wand to cast the spell to make sure he didn't hurt her.

She blinked at him, and then gasped as he sank into her sensitive folds. He pressed deeper, and deeper, as she groaned and moaned, stopping only briefly to cradle her face as he pushed past her hymen, taking her virginity.

She wrapped her arms around him and whined into his shoulder from the pain as he sank deeper and deeper into her depths.

Finally when he bottomed out in her, he took a moment to allow her time to adjust. His movements were small and exploratory, letting her acclimate and allowing the pain to fade.

As it did, he began to move, driving in and out of her in slow deliberate movements. He deliberately began picking up his pace as she grew more accustomed to his length.

"Hey Tracey?" He asked as they continued.

"Y-yeah?" She asked him, breathlessly.

"Do you know the contraception spell?" He asked her, causing her to blink and blush up at him.

"No." She responded, her eyes briefly flickering down to where they were connected.

"Well thankfully I do." He replied, as he retrieved his wand and cast the spell on her. "I don't intend on pulling out."

She bit her lip to suppress her grin and locked her legs around him to keep him from retreating, even if he hadn't intended to.

Several long minutes passed as Harry picked up the pace, his hands groping at Tracey's chest while he kissed at her neck. She came again, groaning loudly, though thankfully, Harry was soon to join her. He grunted as he reached his climax, and released into her depths, filling her with his cum.

"That was incredible!" Tracey moaned, reaching up to cradle his face and let out a breath.

"We're far from finished." He said to her with a smirk, pulling her on top of him as she let out a yelp of surprise.

The two continued making love for nearly an hour. This was the first physical partner that Harry had had other than Fleur for the last six years of his life, so much like he did with Fleur he had to reorient himself and get used to her body, and what she liked. He tested her sensitivity, and searched for her boundaries. Tracey was shy, but also playful. She may retreat from certain actions out of reflex, but after a bit of coxing she took to it. Harry introduced her to many of the things he'd learned over the years, testing out positions, finding what she liked and how she liked it. He was passionate and gentle at first, but asked her if she wanted to try it a bit rougher. She agreed, just to try it out since this was all new to her. So she ended up with her face buried in the billows while he pounded her from behind. He worked hard to make it feel incredible for her, bringing her to org*sm as often as he could manage while still getting himself off too.

At the end, the two laid beside one another, panting in passionate bliss.

"That was incredible Harry." Tracey uttered, rolling over to rest her head on his chest.

"You weren't half-bad yourself." He responded with a smirk.

"Really?" She asked in reply.

"Well yeah. Why? You thought you weren't good?" Harry questioned with a curious look.

"Well I don't know. I've never done anything like that before, and you have way more experience than me. I'm just happy you enjoyed it." Tracey admitted, gaining a smirk and a kiss from Harry.

"Don't worry so much, you were great." Harry assured her, kissing her again.

Tracey was happy for the praise and settled into his embrace, allowing herself to drift into slumber.

In the following days, she was much more open with her affections towards Harry. She would hang off of him, and kiss him, she certainly had no qualms about the scientists seeing her displays of affection.

Harry and Tracey were having an all around good time, though that wasn't meant to last.

One night, while the two were cuddling together a sound suddenly caught both of their ears. It was the sound of the lab opening, yet the normal repeated noise of the door closing soon afterwards didn't come.

Silence held for a moment, before they heard a loud crashing as the sound of instruments being knocked off one of the lab tables.

Tracey yelped in surprise, while Harry shot to his feet and started towards the sound, pushing past the curtain that offered the barest amount of privacy for their 'room'. He saw it immediately. Standing on one of the lab tables. A towering reptilian creature, one of the Hunters.

Tracey peeked out from behind the curtain and spotted the creature as well, her eyes going wide upon spotting it, along with the blood dripping from it's long razor sharp talons.

It turned to them, and let out a shriek.

In a moment it came bounding across the tables, scattering instruments left right and center.

Harry took in a breath and summoned his wand, with a motion he sent a cutting curse at the incoming creature, splitting it in two, and causing the two halves to sail past him and onto the floor. Tracey let out a yelp as one half hit the curtain next to her, missing her by several feet.

"Where did that come from?" Tracey asked.

"No idea. Come on." Harry told her, the two of them quickly exiting the lab. They entered into the hallway, when a scream of terror caught their ears.

They both bolted towards the sound, as it morphed into one of pain, as a monstrous howl joined in with the wicked symphony.

They rounded the corner just in time to see another hunter tearing one of the scientists limb from bloody limb.

An arm went sailing into the air, as the reptilian beast hammered and tore at the woman like an ape.

"Leslie!" Tracey cried out, recognizing the woman.

Harry advanced, sending a blast of magic that tore the creature off of the woman, and lifted it into the air. With one hand he held it aloft with telekinesis, and with the other he used his wand to release a blasting curse, blowing open the hunter's body.

He dropped it mercilessly to the ground as Tracey rushed past him, to check on the woman.

Leslie was one of the researchers, someone whom Tracey had developed a bond with over the last few months.

She cradled the woman in her arms, trying to get her to react, but unfortunately, she was already dead.

"Leslie, come on! Leslie, wake up! Leslie? Harry…" Tracey shook the woman, but she was unresponsive, she lifted a tearful gaze to Harry who stared down at them, fury dancing in his eyes as he took in his wife's sorrow.

"I'm sorry Tracey. She's gone." Harry said to her, turning his gaze to look around the empty hallway.

"I don't understand, how did the creatures get out? Where are all the guards? What about all the security procedures?" Tracey questioned, as she gently lowered Leslie to the ground and rose to her feet, her chest and arms now stained with warm blood. Her gaze lingered on the woman, as her bloodied corpses slowly filled with beauty. In Tracey's eyes flowers bloomed in and around her corpse, and the body almost seemed to glow with an unnatural but calming light. It was lovely, yet it did little to comfort her, instead filling her with more sadness.

"Birkin is finally making his move." Harry spoke aloud, as the sound of gunfire caught their ears, echoing from elsewhere in the labs.

"Birkin? You mean William? Why would he do this?" Tracey asked him, bewildered by the statement.

"He and his wife are planning on leaving the company. Had I known he intended to make his exit this dramatic I would have told you that I knew. He has administrative control over the NEST. He could shut down the security system and let out all of the B.O.W.s. He must be trying to cover his tracks." Harry explained to her.

"So he's just going to kill everyone? Why do that, why not just leave, or disappear? What did they do to deserve this?" She responded, her eyes filling with anger.

"I'm not sure. Why don't we go and ask him?" Harry replied, as her fury began to match his.

Neither of them cared for Umbrella, and Harry didn't really care for the people here, but Tracey did. She liked these people, some of them were her friends. Seeing them butchered like this filled her with a vile anger. She intended to find William and force some answers out of him.

They passed another corpse, and then two more, with each researcher they found, Tracey's anger and sadness grew. The question remained, 'where were the guards?'

Gunshots rang out ahead of them as the two quickened their step. They rounded the corner just as a troop of soldiers came rushing out of Birkin's lab. They turned and fired at the two, Harry pushing Tracey back behind the wall to avoid the gunshots. They could hear the troop heading away from them, a loud scream from a woman catching their ears which was silenced by several gunshots.

Tracey let out a cry, as no doubt another of her friends was gunned down.

Harry peeked around the corner and began to pull Tracey with him towards the room the soldiers had departed from.

The sounds of heavy boots came up behind them, causing Harry to spin around, and pull Tracey behind him.

"There she is!" Came a shout from an armed soldier draped in all black gear.

Six of them were storming towards the duo, rifles already raised.

"Go on, I'll deal with this." Harry said to her, causing Tracey to nod and begin backing away as Harry raised a shield in front of him with a slight motion of his wand.

He then charged up an electrical attack with his opposite arm, causing the troop to begin to shoot. Their bullets turned to air as they passed through Harry's shield, leaving him completely unharmed.

A surge of lightning leaped from Harry's hand, striking the front-most two of the advancing soldiers. They were both thrown against the walls, their steaming bodies falling lifelessly to the ground.

Curses sprung from the mouths of the remaining soldiers as Harry sent a killing curse to strike a third man.

He then shot forward, moving incredibly swiftly to close the gap between himself and the three remaining men. A long spear of blue lightning erupted from his Behir hand and lanced through the air, spearing two of the remaining men, pinning them high against the wall. Harry allowed the spear to dissipate dropping the two dead men to the ground as he advanced on the final one, who had just finished reloading his rifle.

A wall of bullets was sent towards him, all passing through his shield to no affect. As soon as the man's gun clicked to show it was empty, Harry leaped forward. Overpowering the larger man as he struggled to pull his side arm, Harry twisted the man's neck painfully and bit into it. His mouth filled with the man's blood, and soon his memories filled Harry's mind.

"Umbrella Security Services eh?"Harry realized as he dropped the man's corpse.

"Who are they?"Luna asked him.

"Umbrella's attack dogs. These ones came for the Matriarch. They came for Tracey. Others came to capture William and the G-Virus."Harry responded to her.

"Harry!"Luna called out to him, right as he heard Tracey cry out. He turned towards the lab and began to run towards it, only for a body to come flying out of the open doorway.

Tracey's body slammed against the opposite wall, falling lifelessly to the ground. Her chest had been torn open, impaled by some sort of massive object.

From out of the lab, came a hulking figure. The deformed shape of William Birkin. He was heavily mutated, his arm having grown long and grotesque, a massive claw where his hand used to be. His shoulder was huge, and sported an enormous bloodshot eye.

"G-Virus infection…"Harry recognized as the hulking figure turned towards him and began to advance.

Harry slowly backpedaled as he decided on how he wanted to deal with this new aggressor. He had no idea how Birkin had become infected with the G-Virus, but now wasn't the time to wonder.

He could hear the sounds of moaning and groaning that he suspected was Tracey, but he couldn't focus on her right now. If she died, than he'd just have to off himself to revive her. Death might even be a comfort considering the kind of pain she was probably in.

Birkin stalked towards him, his face heavily deformed from the mutations of the G-Virus.

Suddenly a shriek caught both of their ears, and before Birkin could turn around, a thin, clawed hand erupted out of his chest. He was slowly lifted into the air, as a larger creature appeared behind him.

A long thin hand wrapped it's lengthy fingers around William's head, and slowly began to crush it.

William shrieked and thrashed as his skull caved in, his sounds silencing with the loud crunch of his head collapsing.

The creature pulled it's arm free and dropped him, though it did not cease it's assault. It began to rip and tear as Birkin's body, ripping chunks free, tearing limbs off, even devouring organs that plopped out in a vicious and grueling assault.

Several long moments passed as Harry observed this new arrival. He knew in an instant who it was, the blackened locks entwined with flowers gave it away.

"Tracey…" Harry spoke aloud drawing the attention of the towering beast.

"What's happened to her?"Luna questioned into Harry's headspace.

"The G-Virus is known to accelerate one's healing factor, but it heals so quickly it begins to cause bodily mutations as the cells replicate out of control. That's what happened to Tracey. The Virus must have reacted to save her life after receiving such a traumatic injury." Harry noted as he eyed her intently, waiting to see what would happen and if she would attack him.

She had grown immensely in size, her shoulders spread apart, her head and neck had fallen forward. Her arms grew in length, nearly doubling in size.

From her right shoulder, a large bulbous tumor split open, revealing a massive bloodshot eye, almost exactly like William's. Armored bone framed the eye, and jutted up into the air like a grotesque pauldron.

Tracey let out a vicious hiss, as she began to advance towards him.

Her shirt had split open by now, revealing much of her chest. Her chest itself was wider, and covered in a thick layer of undulating growths that all seemed to flow from her heart towards the great mutated eye on her shoulder. A look of rage and haunted dread marred her face and her murky eyes became bloodshot as well. Mutated flesh crawled across her neck, and over her face, and her veins darkened with blackened blood.

She now stood at nearly seven feet tall, though her head was hung forward, her neck having bent forward causing her head to sit almost in line with her shoulders. Thick muscle now framed her neck, giving her a sort of heavily hunched appearance despite her size.

Despite her growth in height, her arms reached almost down to her knees, and her hands had doubled in size, with long gangling fingers. She had shown how strong they were. One hand was shaped like a human's with normal fingers and nails, while the other had the fingers starting to fuse together, the ends of them shaping into four inch long, bone-like claws.

She truly was a monstrous sight. Her gaze remained locked on him, taking in the sight of him as she approached. Finally she spoke.

"Haarrryyy?"Her voice was deepened and hollow, mixed with a gurgling phlegm.

"Hello my dear. It seems you've undergone a change." Harry noted, stepping towards her. He was not afraid of her, despite how mutated she had become. He reached up and gently caressed her cheek, which she tilted her head into.

She reached up to do the same to him, her massive hand easily covering the side of his head. He smiled at her, and she seemed to try and smile back, though it was difficult as half her face was caught up in fleshy, tumor-like growths

She blinked at him several times before turning away from him. He could see in her minds eye that she was experiencing something. Emotions, memories, things she had taken from William when she killed and partially devoured him. She turned her gaze back to him, and than towards the hallway that the soldiers from earlier had taken to escape.

She began heading in that direction, slowly at first, but her gate soon began to pick up, as she was filled with a rage that wasn't entirely her own. Her anger towards the escaping USS soldiers came partially from the fact that they were killing her friends, and partially from William. To him, they had come to steal his life's work, and the idea that they were taking something that wasn't there's filled Tracey's mind and fueled her to go after them.

Harry followed after her, briefly casting a look of disappointment towards the corpse of William. He made it to the end of the hall where Tracey had already rounded the corner, only to come a halt over the body of another of her friends that had been shot earlier.

She let out a pained whimper and then shrieked in rage, tearing off after the soldiers. Harry watched her for a moment, before sensing eyes on him. He glanced back down the hallway they had just come from to see Annette Birkin standing at the end of it. Their eyes met for a brief moment and he gifted her his typical smirk before heading off after Tracey, eager to see what kind of retribution she'd bring upon those she perceived had wronged her, leaving Annette to deal with the ruined NEST and her dead husband.

He followed Tracey deep into the facility, and found an access point that led into the sewer system beneath Raccoon City. It was obvious that the USS team had used this as a way to get in, and hadn't bothered covering their tracks on the way out. That or they expected the other team to do it for them. Regardless, Tracey had followed them into the sewers and was tracking them with vicious malice.

Harry followed distantly, only racing ahead once he heard gunfire, and the shrieking rage of his wife as she ambushed the team.

Their gunshots met their marks, but did remarkably little to halt the assaulting mutant. She tore through the handful of men, showering the sewers with their guts. By the time it was over, nothing remained but their shredded corpses.

Harry walked through the decimation, admiring the bloodshed before stopping over a silver case that had opened during the fighting. Inside he spotted two vials. One of the G-Virus and one of the T-Virus.

He withdrew both of the viral agents, holding them in either hand.

"Quite valuable. What do you want to do with these?" Harry inquired aloud, drawing Tracey's attention back to him.

She turned and approached him, staring down at the two vials with a curious gaze.

She stared at them for many long moments, before her long hands reached out and took them.

She held both vials for several long moments before lifting the G-Virus container over her head and opening her mouth. She crushed the vial, allowing it's contents to pour out into her open mouth, drinking down the concentrated solution of the Virus.

She then repeated the action with the T-Virus, drinking down both samples, allowing both virulent diseases to perpetuate within her body.

"Was it your intention to destroy those samples, or release them?" Harry inquired curiously as he watched her do this.

She turned her eyes towards him and tried to speak, and though he gathered her answer from her mind, she was eventually also able to voice it.

"Theeey… arrreeee... gggifftsss…"She spoke in that gurgling rasping tone of her.

"Gifts from you? To the world?" He wondered.

"Giiffftsss from…. G-gggrandfather…"She found herself uttering.

A smirk touched at Harry's face, and he nodded in agreement. Despite being man made, it wasn't truly the minds of mortals who devised these weapons. Their secrets, their designs had ultimately come from a single source. That which represented all disease. The Plaguefather. Grandfather Nurgle. These were indeed his gifts, and Tracey had long known that part of her role in this was to see such gifts unleashed upon the world. And so, she would allow it. With William's rage satisfied, with her own rage satisfied, she was more content now to begin the Plaguefather's work.

"What do you wanna do now?" He asked her.

She gave him a long look before stepping towards the bodies of the men she'd killed. She picked one up, and ran the T-Flowers of her hair along his open wound before tossing him into the sewer water. She then repeated the action with the other body, though this time, ran the G-Flowers over his wounds, before tossing him into the water as well. She then turned to face him.

"Wwaattch…"She groaned in response to his question.

"And partake?" He asked with a smirk. She found herself grinning as well.

"Then you'd best enjoy this new form for as long as it lasts Tracey. If you die, and I revive you, chances are good you'll be returned to your normal form. What you are now is a result of the healing factor of the G-Virus running out of control. When you revive alongside me, it'll be at full health. So you'll probably be back to your old self, though that does imply that you'll also mutate again if you receive critical injuries, so there's that to consider." He said to her, again the frightening abomination grinned at him.

"Isss iiittt bad?"She asked him.

"Frightening. Powerful. It definitely lacks your typical softness." He replied, reaching out to caress her cheek, an action she mimicked on him.

"Aaammm I beeeeautiful?"She inquired, with almost her familiar shyness peaking through.

"Always." Harry replied without hesitation, stepping up on his toes to place a gentle kiss on her lips.

She smiled at him again, and he could see the love and affection in her eyes. For him to love her, and find her beautiful even in such a monstrous form, made her feel like his feelings for her truly were genuine. He did actually love her. He did care for her. He wasn't just trying to make things work, or build something with her since they were stuck together. He loved her, and she knew, she loved him back.

"I loovveee yoouuu Haarrryyy."She said to him, affirming her feelings and placing her head against him, wrapping him in a gentle hug, despite her monstrous strength.

He held the embrace with his mutated wife for several long moments before gently pulling back from her.

"Shall we explore and watch as the Grandfather's gifts take hold?" Harry asked her.

Tracey gave him a nod and the two proceeded onward through the tunnels. Eager to explore and view as the outbreak unfolded.

-To Be Continued-

Chaos Born: Destiny Undone - Chapter 18 - Ilikefear1_2 (2024)
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