Are Buicks Good Cars? [Here’s What We Think!] | FINN (2024)

The reliability of any vehicle is the sum of its parts. In the case of a Buick, several factors contribute to its dependability, derived from its engineering, material, and technology. Discover what keeps Buicks running smoothly:

1. Engine performance

Buick’s reputation for dependability starts from the ground up — with the machines under the hood. The brand’s V6 became a staple, providing reliable power across models over decades. Advancements have added technology but kept that durable essence.

The V6 engines in current Buick models, like the LaCrosse sedan have 310 horsepower. That's much more power than V6 engines in older Buicks. The engines get good fuel economy but still give you strong acceleration when needed. They can do both things thanks to technology that precisely controls when fuel and air enter the engine cylinders. This adjustment happens automatically while you drive.

These intelligent engines adapt on the go, sensing load to dial back cylinders when cruising or add torque for merges without driver intervention. Such smart engineering helps Buicks maintain composure whether facing hills or hauling families.

2. Materials

Buick's vehicles use a hybrid mix of high-strength steel alloys in their chassis, suspension components, and structural frames. Strategic use of strong yet lightweight materials creates a body structure that is rigid and robust without adding unnecessary bulk.

Each component is also coated to prevent corrosion, even in harsh weather conditions like cold climates where roads get heavily salted. This protects the chassis and underbody over years of driving.

Careful engineering attention and improved manufacturing quality control from GM help ensure flawless exterior finish and weather-tight protection. By designing both body structure and exterior sheet metal to endure, Buick builds durability and lasting value into its modern lineup right from the drawing board stage.

3. Technology

Buicks have earned themselves a reputation for their technical innovations. Each model gets you lots of thoughtful features designed not just to upgrade your drive, but to deliver the reliability people associate with Buick. Take the 2023 Envision Compact SUV. It brings a personalized touch to every trip with conveniences like Apple CarPlay and Alexa voice control. The Envision's Connected Navigation maps out the fastest routes so you don't waste time before reaching your destination. Similarly, the Encore GX simplifies tasks like hands-free texting, so drivers can stay connected without compromising attention.

Safety advances like forward collision and lane departure alerts also contribute to Buick's dependability. By looking out for you, these technologies provide extra protection out on the road. Buick doesn't just implement new tech for its own sake. They choose features that meaningfully boost reliability as well as the experience behind the wheel.

4. Interior quality

Buick interiors strike a balance between elegance and everyday usability that keeps drivers coming back. Take the 2023 Envision and its hushed, tidy cabin utilizing quality materials. Details like the ergonomic center console and piano black trim feel carefully selected to make each drive more enjoyable.

The Envision takes cabin calm even further with QuietTuning to reduce unwanted noise, letting you soak in the ventilated front seats. Some critics argue Buick interiors aren't as lavish as the competition. But for most drivers, Buicks offer a refined yet familiar environment.

That balance extends to Buick dashboard layouts. They blend visual style with intuitive controls within easy reach. Rather than overcomplicated screens, smart conveniences like a well-organized center stack allow drivers to navigate needs on the fly.

Are Buicks Good Cars? [Here’s What We Think!] | FINN (2024)
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