2000 Chevy for sale by owner - San Diego, CA - craigslist (2024)

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CL ...

2000 Chevy

condition: good

cylinders: 8 cylinders

fuel: gas

odometer: 182500

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

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Sorry this ad is going to be long but this van has been my baby for 15 years.

Unfortunately it's time to sell my beloved camper van. My wife doesn't want it in the driveway anymore, and we haven't been using it much. I start it and drive it locally once a week just so it doesn't sit and rot away. It's a 2000 Chevy Express conversion van with a 5.7 liter Vortec V8. I've owned it for 15 years, and I'm the second owner. I will make a list at the bottom with the maintenance/repairs I've done. It's been an incredible vehicle. It's taken me across the US numerous times. It's been to Seattle and back 4 times, to Chicago and back 5 times, and to Florida 3 times. Not once has it ever broke down! I wouldn't hesitate to drive it to Florida right now. Don't worry about the miles, it has 182k but almost all of them are highway. I had a pickup with the same Vortec engine that was a commuter and sold it with 280k miles and it was still going strong, these engines are incredible. Chevy transmissions are known to go at 120k miles and this one was done at 130k. The only issue these engines ever had were the intake manifold gasket and this was done with the upgrade at 90k miles so I have absolutely no worries about this engine or trans. This van has NEVER been lived in, only camping and trips across the country. I installed 4 solar panels, so you have 400 watts of solar which will run the fridge for days and enough power to charge anything you need, if anything it might be too much solar, but better to have too much then not enough. The solar system goes to a charge controller that will top off the deep cycle auxiliary batteries, and a switch that can be turn on or off to top of the main starting battery if you are camping for a few days without driving. Also the auxiliary batteries will charge while you are driving. So you have a total of 3 batteries, 2 aux, and a main starting battery. I also used a "solar charger" (ecoflow) which would give me way more power than I ever needed. I have the original seats for the back if you want to change it back to a conversion van. This is by no means a "professional" camper van conversion, but I pride myself on knowledge of electrical systems and I know my way around repairing vehicles. I made this as simple as possible with the intention that it could be converted right back into the original van, so everything is easily removed, unlike some people who drill holes in the roof and run wires only to have leaks later. Inside there is a queen size bed in the back with a 12v fridge. The bed is made from 4 layers of foam pads so if you feel the need to throw away the top one it is easily replaceable, and it's the only one that's been slept on. There is an alarm system with remote start and can be turned off if you don't want it engaged. It has a trailer hitch if you need to pull anything, I've only pulled a small 5x10 trailer a few times but it pulled it like it wasn't even there. So needless to say I have a clean title in my name, I'm not looking to trade for anything and please don't low ball me because the answer will be no I'm not going to take 4 grand for it. I'm not desperate to sell, so if I don't get what I'm looking for I'll just keep it. With that said, due to scammers, you'll have to send an email with your name and number and I'll contact you. I'm looking for cash and the transaction will take place at Chase so please don't show up with a check or ask to make payments, if you need to get financing you'll have to have that worked out prior.

List of maintenance:
Oil changes done religiously every 3-4000 miles, with synthetic blend
Tires have about 10,000 miles on them, 65% tread left.
Radiator and water pump and fan clutch replaced at 150k
A/C compressor replaced at 160k
Trans replaced at 130k
Intake manifold gasket with upgrade at 90k
Brakes done 2 years ago
Starter replaced at 140k
Starting battery is 2 years old.
Solar panels with charge controller and aux batteries was installed 4 years ago and has been working flawlessly ever since. It consistently charges the system at 13+ volts with less than full sun.

Unfortunately I don't have "proof" of repairs since I haven't kept records because I seriously thought I was going to keep this van forever. You'll have to take my word for it, as I'm not out to hurt anyone, I want this van to go to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have. I also will be there for you if you have any questions regarding upgrades I've done. I'm happy to help you in anyway I can.

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    2000 Chevy for sale by owner - San Diego, CA - craigslist (2024)


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    Prices for a used 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 currently range from $1,950 to $15,977, with vehicle mileage ranging from 54,219 to 359,140. Find used 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 inventory at a TrueCar Certified Dealership near you by entering your zip code and seeing the best matches in your area.

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    Chevrolet C/K

    The full-size Chevrolet C/K series ran from 1960 to 1999. Among the various generations, the second and third generations are highly sought-after by classic truck enthusiasts today.

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    Used 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Extended Cab Pricing
    Original MSRPKBB Fair Purchase Price (nat'l average)
    Short Bed$22,884$5,881
    Long Bed$27,286$5,853

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    2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Recalls


    How many miles does a 2000 Chevy 1500 last? ›

    When well maintained, the average mileage life of a Chevy Silverado can be anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 miles. That's around 10 to 20 years of service depending on how many miles you'd be driving around Galesburg with your Silverado.

    What generation is a 2000 Chevy pickup? ›

    First Generation (1999 – 2007)

    The first Chevy Silverado generation included light-duty, hybrid, and heavy-duty models. The GMT 800 Silverado/Sierra 1500 and 2500 pickups came out in 1998. In 2000, even as the GMT 800 Silverado/Sierra Heavy Duty made its way on the scene, the heavy-duty GMT 400 continued production.

    What is the MSRP for a 2000 Chevy 1500? ›

    Used 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Regular Cab pricing starts at $4,760 for the Silverado 1500 Regular Cab Short Bed, which had a starting MSRP of $18,510 when new. The range-topping 2000 Silverado 1500 Regular Cab Long Bed starts at $6,503 today, originally priced from $18,810.

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    Mar 27, 2024

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